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ive always been a fan of lord of the rings but never realised there was a huge story behind what you see in the films! im pretty new to the world of JRR tolkien so is there anyone who can suggest any ideas for learning more?
Hello Joshyjoshk, welcome to P-T. Happy Elf Smilie

I would suggest you read The Hobbit and The Silmarillion followed by The Lord of the Rings . Depending on your maturity you may wish to read The Silmarillion either before or after the others. It is a little harder to read, being the pre-history prior LotR; while The Hobbit is an easy to read fun story about Bilbo's grand adventure including his finding of the One Ring.

After you read the above three books you will probably want to read Unfinished Tales which expands on some of the tales in The Silmarillion. The twelve books of the History of Middle-earth series while interesting are in my humble opinion of more use as reference books for those whose interest still hasn't been satisfied. The new book Children of Hurin hasn't been reviewed enough for me make a recommendation one way or the other about it.