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Our poll of 25 May 2007 was suggested by ProgHead777 is a repeat of one done long ago and whose results are long forgotten. Now you newer members can have a crack at showing your superior sense of horseflesh.

In our Poll: 'Which Middle-earth steed would you choose?' which steed did you choose and why?
I chose Asfaloth, because I seem to remember that it was the steed of Glorfindel, and I really like Glorfindel, and his horse, who was both speedy and gentle, and bore Frodo out of danger from the Black Riders. It would be great to have a horse that's dboth fast and steady, because I am no horsewoman, and any surge of speed might be sufficient to knock me from my saddle....
Aw shucks, I wanted to get the Witch-King's carrion bird.

I'll settle for Windfola, then.
I chose Nahar, though the ride probably wouldn't last long, buckle me off wondering where it's master was, I'd probably get killed by Orom’ himself for stealing his horse... But if I could ride without trouble, I'd love to know how majestic and swift we could go, plus at night, then I'd see the silver more vibrantly... though Shadowfax is my second choice, I'd love to have the feeling that this horse has seen many things both gruesome and graceful...
I chose Fatty Lumpkin who had a pretty easy life as Tom Bombadil's non-warhorse. Tom didn't need to ride very often or very far when he did. Thus Fatty could spend his time doing mostly what he wanted, only having to keep one ear to the ground listening for when Tom called upon his service.
I hope you are not shocked by this--but I chose Shadowfax.
Asfaloth or Shadowfax, but S. seems more intelligent (although perhaps that's just because we get to know him better). Although if I fly on eagle's wings I don't need a steed .... perhaps I'll just chat with shadowfax about how best to transport Gandalf, who seems to call on eagles for trips that shadowfax can't handle....
I have a soft spot for Bill the pony. He seems steady and devoted and I'd want him to pull a cart for me since I ride worse than a sack of potatoes.
Yeh, I'll get Nahar and Shaowfax tied to a chariot and enjoy the ride but for a Wagon, I'll want to strong and steady horses for me and I'llprobably ride Nahar if on horseback. Smile Smilie
P.S They should get a man on horseback smile. Wiggle Smilie