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I was y et thinking o another thread what if......... You know I can't believe, there'sa new thread in town calledf what if........ it is where you say what if we could all convert Mithril into money? or anything that's a what if...
Enjoy! Smile Smilie
I'd be really happy if we could convert our mithril to real usable money! I don't have too much yet but I'd spend it taking care of my animals.

What would you do if you could convert yours?
I think that I will use it up on buying art supplies( I do art as a hobby), Tolkien books, a pet and other miscelanous things.
We already have a 'what if mithrill was real money' thread, please post your mithrill shopping lists there. How much mithril do you have? (Click here to go there) Thank you!
Yes, I looked for that thread yesterday to send us there, but missed it so now Amari’ has found it for us. Please use the link in Amari’'s above post to speculate what your mithril will buy. Happy Elf Smilie

Moderator Smilie I have locked this thread.