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the only place i know wer u can by good cheap lotr swords is in the markets in germany

i saw them wen i was on holiday there and bought one
Fake probably.
no i bought one it was anduril and made of pure steel
How much?
the people auctioned the swords of so u might get one cheap or one for a fair price
How much did you manage to get your Anduril for?
A good seventy euro's considering I have seen them go for 100 to 200
Thats a good price if its a real one. I cannot get them new for under ’170-180
wow steep! maybe you should goe to Germany for a holiday but I know were i'm from Ireland they dont have many swords lol Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
iceland thats cool i'm in Ireland
When I was that age I carved my own swords from wood; much less expensive. Were I was to do it now, I'd add silver (aluminum) spray paint on the blade, gold spray paint on the hilt, and a red or green painted jewel on the pommel. Of course the horizontal guard piece on a wooden hilt would break-off in use, so to preclude that, the best design would be a "Viking sword" or "Roman gladius". Google those to find pictures of costly store bought replicas.
I have my own bow that I have used in my local park. Don't know if its legal, don't care. Never had any bother about it yet though. Its a recurve 30 poundage bow that cost me only about ’70. It can fire alluminium, carbon or traditional arrows quite far. My record being a 28" Alluminium being fired 182 meters (somewhere near 600 feet). Used to take it to archery training classes.
again in germany there are these fantastic wooden bows and crossbows
I have made my own swords. I have one large broadsword, made it when I was about eleven. It has a four foot blade, three inches wide, and a ten inch long handle. I have made an axe, an attempted replica of Gimli's, almost as large as the broadsword; I've made a lance-like thing, originally started as a sword, I turned it into a spear/lance. A knife out of a piece of scrapwood, an elven sword, and a mace. I have a friend who's made over 70 swords. I haven't made a bow, however, though that's something I'm planning, maybe.
I know the technique to make bows. It involves your bow shaped peice of wood (needs to be compressed and slightly curved at each end and preferably made out of Yew or Willow), alot of hot water, slow pressure and many weeks of work. It takes time for the fibre in the wood to adjust to its new natural position.
Cool! I wonder what my friend was thinking of doing then, because he was talking about only a few hours or so of work before they would be finished, and then a much longer period of waiting for them to be ready for use.
I have a friend that is a master sword smith. We have a lot of his pieces. I have never actually seen him do any lord of the ring pieces, though. However, being a master sword smith, means that his prices are quite high, but if you talk to him and tell him you are only 12, I bet he coulld give you some hint on how to get started on small things and then work up to what you want to do. I am not sure if he knows how to make bows or not, but it won' t hurt to ask.

His name is Daniel Watson, owns Angel's Swords, web site is
He also has a forum where you can talk to other sword junkies. There is also another forum that my husband belongs to that does not like daniel's swords and says they have better pieces. I am not sure what that is, but I can ask Sabre. That way you have 2 points of view and can make a wiseer decision.
Daniel's contact info listed on his site is:

Contact Information
Phone/Fax: 512-847-9679
Mailing Address:
350 Jennifer Lane, Driftwood TX 78619

Good Luck, I hope you get the info you need and ways to start out cheaply on a 12 yr. olds budget


PS. I was just checking out Daniel's forum and there is a section called The Smithy which is dedicated to making an edged blade. I did not read it, but the description sounds like it would start from the beginning process.
By many weeks of work I mean its mostly applying increasing amounts of pressure on the bow until its adopted its new disposition.
There is a site on Google you can look up called Richard Head Longbows, I think they have kits and catalogues. But I am sure if you looked up what you want to know you would find something on the internet. There always seems to be a crafting guild that makes everything under the sun and will show you how or at least give you information on h ow you can find out and do it quite cheaply.
We had to cut the main outline of the sword from a plank of wood, and from there we just used a plane anda few other tools to bring it down to detail, giving a an edge anda flat blade. It took about three and a half hours to do, but it looks really cool.
That's great Fionw’, I had access to a spoke-shave and a draw-knife, but not a plane when I made mine on the farm.
If someone would be willing to take a fluorescent lamp and stick it onto a Tesla-coil, one would be able to wield a nice lightsabre.

If one would wield a 100 kilovolts Tesla-coil, one would not even be electrocuted due to the skin-effect, although one would still receive some second degree burns. Still, this shows how the Force can only reveal itself to the most willingly foolhardy.
Virumor, the last time I looked, light sabers were not part of the swords found in the lord of the rings..... Wink Smilie
Sure they were. Just look at LA86's avatar if you need proof.
Dear Vir.
I have never crafted a sword in my life, but when I was a child and had to spend a little while on my cousin's ranch near Drumheller Alberta while our parents went to other countries(those were the years my brother and I always threw up from too much travel) my cousins were in fact masters at making bows and arrows. It was a rather lengthy process but my cousin Lane would make the bows for us, really customized too and beautiful. And then he would show us how to make and sharpen our own quiver full of arrows. (can't remember where the quivers came from now that I think of it). Even silly me, usually just a piano playing, ballet dancing city girl grew quite proficient at the latter. Then we would have great contests and by the time I went home I had improved quite a bit. I wasn't allowed to bring the parphanalia home though, I think our parents thought we might shoot them in their sleep. I loved those sultry summer days wielding a bow and arrows.
What is it with Homo sapiens sapiens and its weapons? Right after they made them to protect their tribe from sabretooth tigers and velociraptors, they used it on their own kind (and of course Homo sapiens neanderthalensis).
Lack of respect and love I guess. I cannot answer for all but as for me and my cousins, we used them on the front of the humungous barn or shot them across fields of wheat. It was such great fun.
I lost a couple boomerangs in fields of wheat when then didn't rang. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie I later found one in the summer-fallow the following year. It had one end splintered, so it probably had been stepped on by our Cat (D6) or a farm implement during the intervening months.