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In the Poll: Which race's accomplishments made the biggest impact on Middle Earth?
Which did you choose and why?

This poll was suggested by Laurelindhe ilmarin.
I think you have left off a category, Grondy. The greatest contribution of the Elves was teaching everyone to speak. Language--that is more important than smith-craft of elves or dwarves, and more important than the agriculture of any race. Add to language their wonderful music, and I don't see how any other race's contributions can compare.

i say that the men of N’menor’ could compare to the elves in song!
I choose the Elves - craftsmanship because of Feanor making the silmarils which later had such a big impact
I would have said Men's warfare, except warfare isn't an accomplishment, it's a misfortune and an evil. It's hard to say which race would have had the greatest impact, the elves certainly affected the world greatly, men had a huge impact as well, but men had a much more widespread impact and the longer lasting one. Dwarves had little impact on the grand scale of things, although they had minor and major impacts on the more minor events in the world. And hobbits, very little impact on anything, in fact no impact, until Bilbo, at which point their importance became known, somewhat. So really, not a clue. Elven craftmanship is uncomparable to that of any other race, even dwarves, men's warfare was far better than that of any other race, dwarven industry was the greatest, and hobbits, well, I don't really know if their agriculture would stand to being the best.
I chose Dwarves craftmanship because they have had a great part in all the history of Middle-Earth and their work can be compared to that of Feanor as the Nauglamir of the dwarves complements the Silmaril of the Elves which together forms a greater beauty than either the Silnaril alone or the Nauglamir alone. Furthermore even in the 3rd age of Middle Earth it is said that the dwarves had no rival for any of their work.
For me it is clearly Dwarven Craftmanship. When you look upon the highseat of Dain Ironfoot in Erebor you know its true, atleast I do!
Bombur had the highest impact on Middle-earth when he fell during a mountaineering expedition on Erebor...

Thank you for that mental picture Orc With Thumbs Up Smilie
There is no real question in this poll Smile Smilie
Of cource the warfare of the elves against morgoths hordes had the biggest impact on middle earth.
The whole of middle-earth would have been enslaved if they had never returned Smile Smilie
Too true, and I wish I still had the tools to change the poll, but I no longer do. Orc Sad Smilie
still haven't gotten it back? Sad Smilie