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Hi! I'm brand new to these forums but not new to the site. Recently, i had to do a project for school on JRR Tolkien. The first part of it is a creative biography and i decided to do a video documentary. It took me a full week of work and i did work very, very hard on it. Keep in mind that I am no professional and i am only in 11th grade. There are certain assets that were not available to me, especially in a one week period of time (which was severely underestimated). As a result, i had no one with a British accent to speak some quotes by Tolkien...sorry Wink Smilie Also, i did not talk about his books as much as his life in general. Hopefully, however, you will enjoy it. Everyone who saw it so far liked it and i'd love to share it with this community. The run time is about 25 minutes. Enjoy!

Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:

Please rate and comment! Thanks!!
Very good Nick, I expect it is too short for an Oscar or Golden Globe, but so what. The music was fitting and made me tear up a couple times. There are only two things I worry about and those are NewLine's and the Tolkiens' lawyers who don't like anyone using their property, no matter how innocent that use is.

My only pan is that I had trouble trying to fathom the Professor's audio in at least one of his statements: that last one was the least understandable. Mayhaps it is because I'm a Yank, who knows.

All around a good job, I'll give it four stars.
Thanks, i appreciate your honesty. Also, i agree with Tolkien's understandability (<<< not a word) but yeah...w/e
it was still a primary source and you could get the basic gist of it
Hi nick Hi grondmaster im new to this website but not knew to middleearth ive been a fan fo a long time i love jrr tolkiens world And i will be sure to check out those biogarghy's PEACE :wavingsanta;