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I've been having a very hard time in the past few days with my parents. One of them found something that they didn't approve of in my inbox, nothing inappropiate, only an email from Facebook, and from that has stemmed a load of problems between my parents and myself. They are mad at me, and partially with good reason, but there is a lot they have done that is not justified by my having registered onto Facebook, and I am feeling very rebellious right now, sadly. There is a lot more to it that just that, but in a public post, which anyone can see, I will not say more regarding it. I am just asking for you guys to please pray for me, and for my parents, that they may understand what I am going through and that no permanent damage comes from all this. Thank you.
OH yes i will pray i also live with my parents... im 15 haha and i loe my mothers house she is the best mother in the world but when i go to my dads... well ide rather not talk about it BUt=T i hope evrything works out okay for you.My advise just accept and go along with your parents help and advise , you REALLY got me wondering what you did haha.
I still am dear Fionwe.
I*ve also joined facebook
I'll be thinking of you, Fionwe. As a mom I know that your relationship with your folks can be precarious. It's very mature of you to admit that some of the things your parents are upset about may be justified but I hope they can see that mature attitude and learn to trust you. Best wishes!
Thank you. Smile Smilie
And I am still praying for you. Let me know what I can do otherwise.