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Hi all ! o the back of some of my lotr books and the hobbit and my silmarillian and unfinisshed tales they list some more books by jrr tolkien and one of them is sir gawian and the green knight has anyone read this book and is it worth reading cause it says for a description its merley a translation for some poems? oh and theres one calledFarmer Giles of Ham are these worth reading? and if uve read them may u discuss with me the summary maybe? thanks!
Sir Gawain is an alliterative poem in Middle English, attributed to an anonymous late fourteenth century poet. Basically,Tolkien did a modern English translation, with some introductory material. The story is fairly famous for those interested in Arthurian legends: at a New Year's feast at Camelot, a gigantic knight (the Green Knight) makes a challenge... but, well, I don't want to spoil it if you're going to read it.

Farmer Giles is Tolkien's own invented tale. Katheryn Crabbe once commented on the fairy story elements: 'Farmer Giles is the traditional fairy-tale hero. His heroic attributes are not obvious or conventional -- he is not braver or stronger, or wiser, or more handsome than other men -- but he is a hero nonetheless.' She adds that his virtues include prudence, discretion, reverence for the past, and wits.

Toss in a little luck for farmer Giles, and a dragon (for notable example), and you've got a delightful little tale with touches of Tolkien-style humor.