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Read the following:
"The world is changed; I can feel it in the water, I can feel it in the earth, I can smell it in the air. When the men came, we - The First People - gave them light and hope and taught them many things given to us by the Valar. After the Great Battle, the Evil was cast beyond the Wall of the World, and the men were given the island of N’menor as their prize. They erected lofty mansions and proud monuments. They mastered the sea and the wind ’ and the Valar ’ filled their sails with favorable winds. Many centuries have passed and since then not many of the Second Folk honor old allegiances. The Shadow is said to dwell among the men now, seeking a way into their hearts and minds, poisoning their very thoughts. But there are some, who have chosen to resist it. Will you attempt to save the world of men or aid its destruction? Will you look into Palantir?"

And send the mp3 or any other format to

The text will be used in a video game project of mine that can be found here:

Appropriate credit and more information will be given. The game is non-profit - and I spent approximately 3 years making it so far. If you feel like having a bit of fun and a go at sfx / video gaming / voice acting.
So, did anyone from Planet-Tolkien try out for this?
I for one did not as when this post was made I has a cold and a dreadful cough. Then I forgot all about this thread. Still I didn't try as for one I am not a native English speaker and more importantly I doubt if I will be able to pronounce Tolkien names/characters/places correctly.