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In the Poll: Where would you like to spend Christmas?
Where did you choose and why?

This poll a rerun, was suggested by Tommie, aka TomBombadillo way back when.
I chose Brandy Hall, because there are many kin-folk living there and at Christmas it is always nice to be surrounded by lots of relatives.
Golden Hall in Meduseld.

I wouldn't want to pass up an opportunity to witness Wormtongue's desperate attempts at trapping the Lady ’owyn under a strategically placed mistletoe.
I think I would choose the Grey Havens. Just wrap myself up warmly and look out upon the waters and dream. The lapping of the waves, the sound of the gulls that call you home, home.
Of course I would have had a small ship fresh made for me, something lovely like Lady Galadriel, something light and wondrously crafted. I would have invited a small party to go with me and as dusk descended we would light the beeswax candles and eat honeycakes and fresh baked bread with just churned butter. A nice salad and some delicate drink and plenty of fellowship.
And as the stars came out to dance and twinkle we would fall silent a while and collectively glide upon the water in our mind and suddenly sweep through that magical curtain and be on our way home.
A perfect Christmas day.
I think I would like the Golden Hall too. There would be lots of decorations, lots to eat and drink, lots of dancing and laughter, many happy folk to talk to. And I could curl up in a corner with a cup of something hot and watch everyone and smile Smile Smilie
I would choose for my Christmas some place in the Shire... say Michel Delving. It is a holiday to celebrate and thus I chose a place where natives know how to party. Much to eat, much to drink, a lot songs and smiles, and laugh... And chill to burn your chicks, and fire to warm your hands... all that Christmas is for me- cheer and love, and warmth.

Were I not an elf, I maid think about some nice dwarfish place, but as it is now, Shire is where I would like to be for Christmas.