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In the Poll: 'Best City to be Capitol of United Fourth Age Middle-earth', which did you choose and why?

This poll was suggested by Ammornil. Happy Elf Smilie
I'm still thinking about it. Elf Winking Smilie
A rebuilt Osgiliath, for historical, geographical and political reasons.
A united Middle Earth? I suppose the capital will have its own UN? Well, I for one do not believe Tolkien would have liked that idea. It is sufficient that each people is united in its own way. For the rest, let the King at Minas Tirith suffice.

I'm still thinking about it.

me too Grondy........ Wiggle Smilie
For the rest, let the King at Minas Tirith suffice. (by Gandalf-olorin)

The White city of Minas Anor (Minas Titrith) is beautiful and so on, but I have to say that by my opinion even for Ithilien the rebuild city of Osgiliath would be more propper capital.

Anyway. I voted for Rivendell. I confess my vote to be a bit given to my race, for I much desire the memory for the elves to remain in ME. And one good way would be to have the "Hometown of Elrond Halfelven" for a city, where the faith and future of the ME to be decided in council between the races, as in times of peril in the past.

Must perhaps put some clearance about the purpose of capital city: In eny union such town is not nesecarily the bigest, wealthiest or anyway dominant or supirior city. Unions have their regional head towns with local government (each from the listed ist most proper candidate in its area). The purpose of capital is to house the general council and other common structures of government, mostly related to setting the interactions between diferrent regions/states by synhronizing the basics of common low and organizing common army (if needed) and not even necessary to have rights on taxing and wealth policy (anyway some taxes to support the common union payments may occure).
And one good way would be to have the "Hometown of Elrond Halfelven" for a city, where the faith and future of the ME to be decided in council between the races, as in times of peril in the past.

That would go against what Tolkien had intended: the Fourth Age was to be the Age of Man, and both Elves and Dwarves were to either leave Middle-earth after the destruction of the Three or stay behind and eventually be forgotten by man.
I voted for Tharbad, because it's a bit of a mystery town, and the other choices were boring. Upon additional pondering, it kind of makes sense because it's between Arnor and Gondor, and Rohan is close by too. Besides, it needs to be rebuilt anyway so people don't keep losing their horses at the crossing. Paranoid Smilie ...stupid Boromir, I bet that was a long walk.
That would go against what Tolkien had intended (by Virumor)

No offence to Proffessor's will, but my own will would be that the grate races of the SA not to be forgotten. And since the Poll deppends on "one's own will" - I voted Rivendell. Smoke Smilie

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I chose Tharbad as it is more centrally located and is away from the regional seats of power where the lobbyists make their homes. Making them travel will help the United Middle-earth government to be a little more free from their greedy mechanations. Had it not been for this, I would have chosen Osgiliath.

I didn't want Rivendell, Dale, or Michel Delving to lose their rustic character, which they would have, were they to become the capitol.
I chose Isengard because of its central location. It is located in the gap of Rohan, so no one will have to cross the Misty Mountains to reach it. It also puts all activities under the close gaze of the Ents, who will always have Middle-Earth's best interest in mind. Although they are very biased.
Also, the fact that Saruman had pipe-weed shipped all the way from the South Farthing proves that it is an excellent location for trade, being located in the Gap of Rohan.

Where is Tharbad? Everyone seems to think that it would be a very good location, but I haven't read the books in a few years and am having trouble placing it.
Tharbad is an abandoned town on the Greyflood about halfway between Gondor and Arnor. I believe it was abandoned because the river kept flooding and destroying it. I think it's mentioned only once in LotR when Boromir is describing his journey he says he lost in horse at the crossing at Tharbad (thus my earlier comment).
I chose fornost. Even though my favorite chapter in the lotr is Minas Tirith i somehow think that Fornost would be more suitable Smile Smilie
I am curious as to the reasoning behind the Dale-voters. Any of them care to explain?
Hm... Curious indeed... The city of Dale, the Phoenix of the wilderness. Found who knows when and I doubt someone to know by who, it was believed to be city of Men. Rebuild around 2942 of TA and almost destroyed during the War of the Ring. Well placed, I have to admit, but please if there is someone to point specifically why he or she choose it for capital, I believe many will be interested to know.

Btw: My own choice seems to loose the battle... Pity though.
Btw: My own choice seems to loose the battle... Pity though.
Well those short lived characters were to be the lords of the Fourth Age and so I guess they didn't choose to pick an out of the way spot like Rivendell, just like they chose to bypass my flood prone river crossing of Tharbad. Were I a mean King, I would place it at Dol Amroth, which would preclude the legislators from going home for the weekend. Bad! Smilie
A beautiful and thriving town on the Ocean located in the sunny south? Sounds more like a place I'd want to go/stay for a weekend.