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I just had this thought the other day and decided to put it on PT Smile Smilie
baisicly if you could create a character from lord of the rings from an exhisting species example:
grobalobalob the troll. Or create a whole new race. example: a half man half spider creature.
if you choose to make a new character just pick a name, race and describe them, do they have any disgusting habbits?
and if you choose to create a new species, than give it a name and describe it in detail Smile Smilie if this doesnt work then..... well then it wont work i suppose. Big Smile Smilie
ill do the first one.

name : Brugalt
Race : Cave troll
Size : around 8 foot
Language : er.... troll Smile Smilie
Life span : immortal
Unique habbit : colletcs the windpipes of other trolls he has killed to make into Bag pipes
I just took a sort of silly quiz that said if I lived in Middle Earth I would be an Ent - I like that idea Smile Smilie

Don't have a name for myself yet..
whered u take this quiz i want 2 take one

as 4 my made up character:

nameBig Smile Smilieinin
Race: Uruk-Kai survivor
Location/home/sanctuaury: forests of the roots of the misty mountains near isengard
with/companions/friends: A tribe of goblins and some left over uruk-kai
Hobbies:likes to conceal himself and mingle with the humans

I feel a little nervous about doing this: I sort of expect the professor to be saying : no , no that is not correct you can't do that because....................

But just for fun. I shall be a different sort of elf of a group that only likes to dwell on mountain tops, the very tallest of mountains. We wear silver grey cloaks, long robes and leggings of the finest of fine wool from strange creatures that resemble alpacas but are much taller and hardier and have only silvery wool.

We live in caves, but have developed incredible crafts and can heat them to feel as warm as a sunny day down below in the valleys. We only go down the mountains in the part of early summer that yields the best crops of berries and honey and grains that grow wild . We dry them and eat them all the rest of the year. We are magnificent artists and love painting faces and our memories of the undying lands the best. We are shy and like keeping to ourselves, but if we know someone is in trouble we will fight to the death to free them from anything the evil one thinks to hand out. we have laid so many traps all across the mountains in every direction that any orc or evil thing simply cannot escape them and we kill them on the spot if found. Anyone not evil we free and make leave us and go back whence they came. We are the Quiet Ones.

name : Alatar
Race : wizard
Size : 6'4"
Language : Quenya
Life span : immortal
Unique affectations:

Having been mistaken for a monster or evil warlock and subsequently captured, tortured, and brainwashed by the Lost Men in the East, Alatar lived for a long while in chains.  His body is covered in scars, and his robes of blue are now streaked with evil red and green markings.  While not as powerful as Gandalf and yet having fallen from a much higher height than Saruman, he is embittered that the powers of the West would so have forsaken him.

He is now a Dark Wizard, and he draws on the power of the scars traced on his skin to cause havoc in the sky over land and water.  He sends terrible cyclones, tornadoes, and hurricanes across Middle Earth in effort to sow strife and tear down Aule's mountains and Yavanna's gardens.

Of late, a dark and strangely familiar spirit has crossed the broad wastelands of Rhun and attempted to speak with Alatar...

Fantastic Aridyogi, well done. Anyone else want to contribute to this fascinating thread?