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In our poll: Where Shall We Go Swimming?
Where did you choose and why?

I thought I'd better put this up before Summer (in the Northern Hemisphere) is over. Locally, the hot part of our Summer has come and gone; we may even get up to 70’ F (21’ C) today.
I decided to go swimming in the Bywater Pool as it won't be overly crowded with hobbits, seeing as, except for their Saturday night bath, hobbits just don't appreciate immersing their bodies in water, thrashing around splashing their neighbors with that cold wet stuff, especially on a glaringly hot Summer's afternoon. Cool Smilie

It appears that a few of you have been suffering from insomnia, else why vote for the Enchanted River Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
Somehow, and I don't know why, but all the choices sort of creeped me out. seriously. Smile Smilie
I will stick to my bathtub.
It appears that a few of you have been suffering from insomnia, else why vote for the Enchanted River

Insomnia indeed.
This week i haven't been able to sleep at all..
I always stay awake till 6 am and then sleep for an hour and go to work.
And i don't even feel tired.
I guess it will hit me in the weekend and i'll sleep for 48 hours Big Smile Smilie
I would love to bask on the shores of Belfalas Bay! And see if its too cold for swimming; I've waded in Lake Michigan in February so maybe it will be fine. I imagine it will look something like Oregon and I used to love the Oregon coast.

Arath, I hope you are able to sleep enough soon! Grond, do you mean to imply that we Hobbits are dirty? I hope not! Smile Smilie
Grond, do you mean to imply that we Hobbits are dirty? I hope not! Smile Smilie

No, definitly not! The underlined portion of the following should explain it.
Though, as a matter of fact, they [the Bucklanders] were not mush different from the other hobbits of the Four Farthings. Except in one point: they were fond of boats, and some of them could swim. - from LotR, Book 1, Chapter V

Meaning all the rest of the Shire's hobbits couldn't swim, so except for their baths, they tended to stay away from water. Their technology was such that they couldn't even run through the sprinkler on a sunny summer's hot afternoon. Though they could do what we did on our farm before we built a shower with hot running water: we painted a fifty-five gallon barrel black and mounted it alongside our 500 gallon diesel and gasoline tanks above our loading dock and piped it to a shower head installed in a curtained-off area below it.

We kids had the job of refilling the barrel using a hose from the stand-pipe near our cow's water trough. The mid-day and afternoon sun heated the water in the barrel so the farm hands could catch a quick shower before our evening dinner. If we kids wanted a shower, we had to take ours very early in the afternoon, so the water could again be hot before dinner time. And there was hell to pay if we showered too late or we forgot to refill the tank early enough. I got chewed out a couple times. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
Dear Grond, you are right and I forgot about that passage in the books! Pardon me :-)

I like your story about the outdoor shower, it reminds me of the shower at my husband's parents first house. They had a tub upstairs but no shower so they mounted a shower head on a post in the middle of the basement and took showers standing in the middle of a big concrete room.
Obviously the builders of Sian's husband's parent's first house had planned ahead and installed a floor drain in the basement. And speaking of floor drains, Our first house here after leaving Uni, had a four foot long standpipe installed in its floor drain. I wondered why until the first December storm coincided with its high tide (about 28 feet) and waves rolled over the top of the bulkhead across the front half of the front yard. Had that standpipe not been installed we could have gone swimming in the basement of that beachfront house on the tip of Point Heron, located according to Google Earth, at 47’ 34' 04.36" N by 122’ 36' 39.29" W.

And I certainly wouldn't have wanted to swim in that basement's seawater pool, because the city had yet to install the sewer line and pumping station along the beach. Thus I would have been swimming in the watered down effluent from all the houses' septic systems fronting that beach. Yuck! Exploding Head Smilie For that same reason, back then I wouldn't eat, or keep any fish I caught from my front yard. A few years later the city rectified the situation and now eating the fish would be perfectly safe, though that standpipe would still be required for that house.

My current apartment doesn't have a basement, but does have an outdoor pool. Meanwhile, swimming back in Middle-earth...
I voted for the Enchanted River. wherever that is. The best place to go swimming would probably be Bywater, though. No one knows how to have more splashing fun than hobbitses!
Elf With a Big Grin Smilie The Enchanted River is the 'sleepy time stream' in Mirkwood where the stag's sudden appearance caused Bombur to fall in and miss many a meal in The Hobbit. Unless one was an insomniac, I doubt if they would really chose to swim in it; but I thought as it was water, it could be swam in. Teacher Smilie
Very enlightening lecture, Professor Grondmaster.