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I'm not really a games person, I get bored with them fairly quickly, But about 11 or 12 years ago just after I bought my first PC(very old and slow even by the standards of the time) I happened across MYST, looking at the back of the box I liked what I saw, it seemed to fit the fantasy style look that I was into at the time, so anyways, I bought it and within an hour I was hooked, since then I've bought and played all the sequels, but the one game I never really got into was Uru-live, I have the PC version but never got into it, and when I decided I might like to have a look at the online game I discovered it had been closed down(it's been started up then closed again since then too), anywho, it seems to have been started up again for the third time. Unfortunately I have a Mac and as with most games, Uru only supports windows, I have an older PC but at the moment it's not able to go online, I'm hoping to buy a wireless USB adapter so I can start playing next week sometime.
Is anyone else familiar with Uru-live? or have you played the other Myst games? would anyone be interested in going in for a look see at some stage? I know Vir is a fan but he doesn't seem to be here much anymore.
I haven't heard there was a new game in the Myst series, maybe my husband has, I'll have to ask him. He played the others and liked them a lot and got the fantasy novels that go with them. I don't play games but I like them for the art.
It's not new, Uru came out years ago, it's just the internet version that's been started up *again* it's a bit like runescape but Mysty.
i might be able to help with that Smile Smilie
you might know of a program called "bootcamp" it offers a windows workspace in a mac computer allowing you to run windows programs in mac Smile Smilie
give that a try Smile Smilie
if you have difficulties i'd be more than happy to help in any way i possibly can Smile Smilie
im in the IT business Smile Smilie
Thanx Arath, we've discovered that we already have boot camp. I'll prolly still get my PC online though, it saves disrupting everyone else when they want to used the MAC.
I looked at the website, and was amazed to find that something that had such good graphics was free! Still, if I was to join any MMORPG, it would have to be Lord of the Rings Online. Still interesting, though.
you should try one of the other games Fornac, they mix really mind stumping puzzles with a excellent fantasy story. The worlds are very surreal and have a real Jules Verne feel, which I really like, they mix fantasy with modern machines that look old, like something that was made in the 1800s.