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Hey guys, I'm sure you've all figured out I'm a huge animal lover by now, I've always had pets of one description or another, at the moment we have a cat, dog, a mouse, frogs and lots a fish, plus all the cows, What pets do you guys have?, what would you like?, do you like animals even? if not why?
I have a black Labrador called Rex, he's seven years old and a really nice and well-trained dog. Went for an hour walk with him today, and he went swimming in a freezing-cold river, going after a stick! He didn't seem to be affected though. Smile Smilie
As to other animals, there's none that I don't like or at least find interesting. Everything is part of the vast, majestic, evolving tree of life, and everything, whether it be mammal, reptile, insect, plant, bird, fish, fungi or even bacteria, all play their individual roles. I've always been in awe of this, and the incredible natural history of our planet, the evolution, triumph, and extinction of species, and the amazing ability nature has to start again.
Anyway (after the long speech), good thread!
2 Cats. (I've had five in total in the space of 7 Months Shocked Smilie Sad Smilie )
1 cat (Breed unknown named Diego), 1 dog (black lab named Koda), Several fish, 2 birds, frogs and if I could I'd have snakes, rats, and maybe a couple lizards. I adore all animals and one of the careers I've always wanted to pursue is Zoology.
Yes, great thread, Rho! I have always loved animals and talking about them. Tolkien was a nature lover but I don't remember reading that he had pets...something I'll have to research. Anyway, I had everything I could catch when I was a child except my mother wouldn't allow snakes or birds. I had crawfish, a salamander, a dog, mice and turtles. Now my daughter is doing the same and we have had guinea pigs and rats, still have rabbits, the birds, dogs and a horse. She works at a dog and cat hotel and enjoys it but she wants more dogs all the time.
we have four cats and one dog Smile Smilie
two prize winning cats too, first places for both and a another second place for the other Smile Smilie
my mother is a breeder and our cats are "Hobbit Doll's" Smile Smilie
prize winners are called "starry night" and "Isil" planning on new kittens too this summer Smile Smilie
There has always been animals at my place for as long as I can remember. At the moment I have 2 dogs and 2 cats. My cats are brother and the dogs mother and child.

A few years ago I had 4 dogs but sadly I lost 2 in 2 consecutive years. One a natural death, the other from a fight. Sad Smilie
I have 1 dog, Boston Terrier about 8 years old, and 1 cat, 9 years old.
Sadly, I lost my dear Pippin 2 years ago. He was a german shepherd/collie and a really great and loyal friend.
I, currently, have a wonderful black and white border collie named Lola. She is so much fun! We play at dog agility and rally obedience and dabble in tricks. She is very smart and intuitive. I am on vacation atm and really miss her. Sometime, I will upload her picture as my avatar so you can all see my pretty well lass. Smile Smilie
hey I'm sorry Nell, I remember Pippin well, surely he wasn't very old?
Thorin and Nell, I'm really sorry to hear you have lost dogs. It's always hard.
I am also sorry to hear about your dogs. Frame a picture of them and put it above your sofa, like we have. We got a frame which fits 3 photos, and put in pictures of the 3 cats we have lost this year. We also put a picture of the 2 cats we got in September in another frame next to it. Smile Smilie
Thanks, everyone.
Rho, Pippin was only 6 years old when he died. He came down with a condition call bloat which caused his stomach to twist 360 degrees. The vet operated; however, an anorism formed and he died at home on New Years Eve with me lying on the floor beside him. I was devastated, which is why a friend put me onto a border collie in desperate need of a loving home and I am glad she did. Albeit, it took 5 weeks after I met Lola to agree to take her. I didn't know if I could handle such an active breed, but she is amazing!
I am sorry that you lost all your cats so close together, Eruheran. It is a great idea keeping framed pictures. I have a very special picture of Pippin lying in a bed of fall leaves, which sits on one dresser and another of him with my daughter on the other side of the room. I keep a 3 picture frame of Lola in my room and in my office. They are all photos of her doing agility and look very cool. Smile Smilie