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In our Poll: 'Who would you like most to read The Lord of the Rings to you?' Who did you chose and why?
I almost chose Uglug, but decided the continuity of the story would be lost as he continually stumbled over the multi-syllable words.

I also considered Merry and Pippin, but figured they'd disagree about how the other was reading the story. "That's not the way it happened Merry, Gandalf said to me..."

So instead I chose Bilbo Baggins, hoping he could stay awake long enough to complete reading one chapter each evening.
I think it would be awesome to have Tolkien himself read the books out loud to me, every nuance said as he had imagined it as he was writing the text.
How is Ugluk getting he lead in this poll? I am perplexed.

I chose Gandalf. Treebeard would have also been nice, if I wasnt a hasty person...
I personally don't understand why Ugluk is winning, either.

I was stuck between Tolkien, Galadriel, and Arwen, but finally settled on Arwen because I think she would make a nice storyteller, with her soothing elf voice.
I went with Gandalf! As soon as I read the poll, thought of him reading to you while smoking his pipe, and looking at you behind his bushy eyebrows and that's not to mention his voice!! Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

On the other hand Treebeard could have been a good reader if there wouldn't have been the possibility of him taking a century to go through it! Very Big Grin Smilie
Ugluk is 2nd.

We are a bunch of loons.
I went for Bilbo. His voice, as I imagine, could be soothing and light (speaking about the Shire), but then quick, dark and dramatic (describing battles).
Though it is very close between him and Gandalf.
Bilbo and Gandalf are close? Ugluk is second, Tolkien third and Bilbo 4th. So it is hardly close.
I mean by who I would like to read LotR to me, it's difficult to choose between Bilbo and Gandalf.
I think of Gandalf sitting and blowing smoke rings with Bilbo or sitting by the fire in Bag End and decided on both Gandalf and Bag End as who and where.
I would prefer a calm evening in the mountains... Arwen sitting by in the Hall of fire. It is now many thousand years since the WoTR took part... Aragorn is no longer alive, nor Eldarion... One can hardly recognize ME as from the time of the Reunited Kingdom... Shadows now dwell in Rivendell, the paths to its courts and gardens are lost, hidden but for a few who still believe in magic and old ways. And there I would spend my last days listening to the last voice of the Elves, still sounding like a morning rain in spring, speaking of creatures, places and events, where life was more natural in most ways.
I'd chosen Gandalf for whose voice among the given was more powerful or great!

"... he heard a great voice calling.. " - Merry in the RoTK

Bilbo would have been good too..
i wonder how it was Ugluk that got tied up with Gandalf in the first place. To speak of it now would be a non-sequitr as everyone can see that it is Gandalf the obvious winner.

Hey and all didya see that it is possible for one to vote more than once - a bit of a snag actually!

I'm sorry about replying in such an old thread, but I must say one thing - the post that Ammornil wrote is absolutely awesome, I had chills down my spine reading his beautifully written reply.

Ammornil - what an amazing scene to imagine! I loved it!

Well, if we are going by the actual characters in the books as written by our dear professor, then either Tolkien, I have a cd with him reading some of The Hobbit, or Gandalf. But if i am thinking of the movie then I think the sweetest voice, the most calming and well modulated would be Legolas , hands down.

Oh, I wish I would've register on PT early enough to vote in that poll Wink Smilie

Tolkien would be an obvious guess, I'm not sure if I'd be a listener grateful enough for such a honor.

I love Gandalf's voice (I mean Sir McKellen's voice, because he's perfect for Gandalf in my opinion). That would be amazing. No one said "Elrond", but the other Elves were mentioned. I think he could be a great choice  - his voice is very fatherly in my opinion, strong enough to read all those tough and dynamic scenes. And melodious and subtle enough to make you feel that you're listening to something very dignified.