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In our Poll: 'Should they make the two new Hobbit movies in 3D?' Which did you chose and why?
Thumbs Down Smilie I voted against making the movies in 3D, because I feel in lieu of spending those funds to make them in 3D, they could use those funds to make even better movies. Of course they won't spend those extra funds, because they wouldn't be able to recoup them via the higher ticket prices that they seem to be able to charge for 3D movies.

Besides, being a wearer of eyeglasses, I hate those 3D glasses. I have watched neither "Coraline" nor "Avatar" in 3D, even though I own their 3D DVDs.
I voted 'No'.
While it worked for movies like Coraline and Avatar (since they both rely very heavily on computer imaging and therefore "3Ding" them added to their quality), doing the same to The Hobbit would detract from Tolkien's rich world in ways I can't describe (imagine the trilogy in 3D, and shudder). In my opinion, it would make them gimmicky and less of what they truly should be. Audiences would be focused more on when swords seem to flash out of the screen towards them (provoking lots of 'Ooohs' and 'Aaahs', I'm sure) and less on the actual story. End rant. Big Smile Smilie

I agree with Grondy's point that the money spent on 3D could be spent to make a better film, though the thing about the 3D glasses might be solved by 2011-12. Screens have been developed that make viewing 3D possible without them, I think. Wink Smilie
I voted No, and I agree with Grondy. The special effects are special enough--we don't need any other gimmicks. Maybe if they figure out how to take us to Middle Earth for real (ahem), I would consider it. But for a movie, leave it with CGI and great acting. Don't make the audience pay more than it can afford in this economy.

Thumbs Down Smilie
I voted no.
As I am bespectacled I have a bad time holding onto my 3-D glasses.
It would just be in bad taste to make the movies in 3-D.Those who want thrills can play the 3-D games.I want the movies just as i read them and still love them.Simple but layered.
Somehow, the 'Yes' option is ahead of the 'No'. How did this happen? Shocked Smilie

Or maybe we're just having a recurrence of the 'I want Ugluk to read LOTR to me' phenomenon. Wink Smilie
I want the movies just as i read them and still love them.Simple but layered.

Me too. I voted "no" too. Though I am sure the barrel ride and the eagles (not the band) etc etc would look awesome in 3D. I guess I am too worried what it would do to the story.

I am bespectacled too, but I have never had a problem with the 3D glasses since I have never seen a movie in 3D yet. Wink Smilie
@Fornad:Ugluk is a weird idea about reading one the LotR but I voted for Merry and Pippin so I guess I don't have much say.
@Amarie:Lucky you but I am surprised you didn't catch the marketing phenomenon called Avatar.You are definitely from PandoraSmile Smilie
Odette, I have seen Avatar, but in our local cinema where 3D is not an option yet. Smile Smilie
But it should have 3D available before the Hobbit is out, if they do decide to go for 3D. (And then I will wear my contacts instead of my glasses.)
Thumbs Down Smilie No. I'd like them to spend that money on the locations, the soundtrack, anything else really...

I also hope that the Hobbit movies will have a similar "feel" of magic to them as the Trilogy, and I think 3D is kind of gimicky and takes away from that.
This thread is an interesting read. I haven't voted because i haven't watched the any version of the above mentioned movies in 3D so I have no opinion. But it does sound pretty bad if they make it in 3D judging by the above responses.

Doing so would only make my hatred for modern culture even worse.

I'm sick of the watered down remakes of movies in 3D for all these hipster kids. I'm Seventeen.

It's like in the Games Industry, sacrificing gameplay for graphics. It would be cheesy and be more focused on the "pretty pictures" and not the brilliant story

No for me, but for other reasons. I have read and researched about 3d, and I am not convinced of its overall safety in view of the impact it seems to have on some that use the glasses. Especially for younger people I have worries. I know it is said by many that it is perfectly safe, but I have also read reports by specialists about the confusion in the brain it can cause for some viewers, and since I don't believe we have all that much knowldege of the brain and all its workings, I am not in favour of using the glasses. I did use them for Coraline and di feel disoriented for a while after and I do not intend to repeat that experience. So, no, make it better, spend more time on perfecting the body of work and leave it at that.

I don't care about it so much. If these efforts go in the detriment of a good script I don't want a film focused in the damn 3D (Alice in wonderland comes to mind... although I believe it was a post-production 3D, but I hadn't anything else).
But everything is compatible, of course.

I agree with those of you who answered that it would be better idea to spend the money on improving other aspects of production - I'd love to listen to some great soundtrack for example. I'd love to see some realistic, beautiful props (Gandalf's white robe from Two Towers/ROTK comes to my mind when I write this) instead of wearing those glasses once again. I'm not a fan of 3d movies myself. I mean - does everything now have to be screened in this technology? I don't believe we lost anything by not using it in Lord Of The Rings movies. Majority of 3d stuff have this big disadvantage in my opinion - when 3d steps in, the movie is going to be all about CGI - everything in sight flying around to remind the viewer that he's watching 3d movie. It's like - we'll create this effect, that effects and we'll add some of these just because we can. I don't like it, I don't think that The Hobbit needs that kind of "improvement".

3d does not work for me in any movie. It must be my eyes as they all seem drab and out of focus. So a big no from me.

Well, judging from some recent news, it looks like the Hobbit is going to be made, definitely in 3D and in THREE parts, not two! My, my, our dear PJ is going to have to stretch his resources now, isn't he? especially if he can only use LOTR and the Hobbit as his canon sources. I imagine it has to be a difficult job. i don't think I could even attempt to make a backstory for the LOTR without accidentally referring to some detail from the other books (UT, Sil etc.) So I admire PJ for trying, and though I am slightly skeptical about the whole 3D and 3-movie deal, I do remember the amazing feat that was the LOTR movie trilogy, so I will keep my faith in PJ and assume he will deliver a wonderful masterpiece on Dec. 14.

I would have voted No to 3D as well. I also wear glasses, but that's not even my main reason for voting against it. I feel that even if Middle Earth had great 3D effects like Avatar, it would just look, I don't know, high tech (?) to me. ME is a place of unspoilt natural splendor, and there's no need to enhance the beauty of NZ by adding birds that zoom towards the audience. Similarly, I feel that the storyline itself will make the action sequences swashbucklingly cool. No need for pop-out spears, and I would kindly ask that all severed goblin heads roll within their 2D limits, please!

But oh well, now that 3D is confirmed, I have watched all the Hobbit Production Videos on Youtube and I have to say that I am still very very excited about it! I'm already ticking off the days until Dec 14 and I'm sure we'll have plenty to discuss after we all see it. 

I think that they should not be made in 3D. Some parts of the movie looked more animated then in the regular movie. Tolkien would not have wanted the 3D. I think he would firmly believe that you would need to put the money to other use on the movie, such as better boarding for the animals so that way nothing happens to them again and better effects (Not much is needed, but every little bit will do).