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I just stumbled upon a thread that shows the faces of some of our beloved council/others that make this site happen. How beautiful they are, wow! I knew what Loss the Handsome looks like, somehow I ended up with pictures of him on my email site before it was hacked. And other pictures of either friends or family, they were all gorgeous , just as beautiful elves should be. Our beloved Grondy did not have his picture, but we know what he looked like from the picture posted after he went from the circle of the earth, beautiful and such gentle eyes. Taz, I had no idea was so very very young, I pictured him more a thirty something chap. Adorable face, and for some odd reason, perhaps because the picture is so small, I thought of one of the Pet Shop boys! Sorry if this in any way wants to make you pull my blonde elven hair from its roots Taz, it was just my first impression. S

Wasn't Virumor on the Council also?  And is Val now not on the Council?


I thought of one of the Pet Shop boys!


That picture was up when I joined here, and he was 19 years old then iirc. Taz will be 28 i February. Smile Smilie 

Wasn't Virumor on the Council also? And is Val now not on the Council?

Both Vir and Val are in the Council. Val is just away a lot at work, and Vir haven't sent in a bio + picture. 

Virumor and Val are still on council. I am not sure how up-to-date the council members area is. I can't seem to find it. Wink Smilie

There's a link on the front page.

My info is outdated by 5 years and two kids. I guess I should send in a new one soon. Wink Smilie

Pardon me for the way I mentioned everyone, the truth is I was totally confused and did not know who was what, so I just mentioned those I viewed in that manner.