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I wanted to start the new year off by creating a thread where in any one who wants can personally thank the Tazzster for whatever he did that makes you love Planet-Tolkien even more. I could not print my little stories for months and months and Taz kindly put up with my whining and worked on things for quite a while. Thank you Taz for time spent and you are a dear. Smile Smilie

Thank you Taz for sending mithril via messages, making me feel that much cooler when I see I have 15+ unread messages waiting for me...

You're both welcome and thank you LeeLee. By the way, is everything working for you now?

Thanks for all the hard work you've done in improving PT Taz!!

Thanks for coming back, Taz. Big Smile Smilie

Thanks Taz for the hard work you do to keep this dear site so well upgraded.Really love this placeSmile Smilie

Thanks Taz for keeping such an active and personal role within the site - I'm pretty sure there's no other site I can think of where you alone can ask for a little change and the owner and creator of the site will see it almost straight away and could even make that adjustment - or any site where you can have a chat with him or her if they're online.

Without you the site would definitely not be such a great place to be. Big Smile Smilie

Funny you should ask that Taz. Er....well up until this very morning it was all perfect, fixed by dear you. But I went to write something in my journal and well, I can't see where I do it now. No way no how can I find it. There is nowhere that says 'journal entries, just no where. So I will probably log out and come back in a while and I just know it is all a joke, right? Right Taz

Leelee, have you tried looking at the top of right of the screen in "Account" next to "Logout"?

Thank you Taz and/or Tarrant for fixing the search engine.  Thanks Tarrant for responding so quickly to my email question about it!   Now PT is for sure the best Tolkien site out there!

Many Thanks.

Taz = Tarrant Wink Smilie

I LOVE YOU TAZ!  it did not show this morning. Oh , I am so relieved, so happy. I need to lie down.

I want to thank Taz again for bringing this site into being, so that we could all find each other here.  It is good to have such friends to help one through life's trials.  I understood the pain Taz felt on losing Grondy because I lost my father in 2003.  And I understand his loss anew because I lost my mother last Monday, the 3rd.  If it is not completely out of line, I will post a link here to her obituary.  Say a prayer for her and for my family. 


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oh I am SO very sorry, I only read this just now. I feel heartbroken for you , I lost my mother when I was thirteen.
I will certainly immediately pray for her and your family dear one. May you find peace and rest for your heart.

Gandalf-olorin, I'm sorry for your loss. From the link you posted I understand that she was a wonderful and kind person, and will be missed in this world. Take care of yourself during this time.

I am very sorry for your loss, Gandalf. As 42 has mentioned, from the obituary, she was an amazing woman.

Thank you, friends, for your kindness.  It is only when we come to such a crisis that we find our true friends and realize their worth.  You are all in my heart.