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When I logged on I noticed there were 1436 people online. So I would like to start a new game. You look at the number of people on line when you log in, and then go and find out world events for that year. Unless of course it is in the two thousands or past todays date. In that case you predict what you believe will be the history in the making on that year. A couple of things I noted for the year 1436. First , Paris was recaptured by the French. Second, Gutenburg started work on his press. Go Gutenburg, I am forever grateful. Any one else want to give it a try?

In the year 1501 King Louis XII captured Northern Italy and the Safawod Dynasty was founded in Iran at the Battle of Shurer.

I'll be 98 in 2090, Lord willing

 In 265 AD in China, the Sima Yan, the descendants of the great historian Sima Qian, usurped the power and founded a new dynasty Jin. They also conquered the Wu, thus ending the period of The Three Kingdoms . 

In the year 642:

Aug 5th: Battle of Maserfield - Penda of Mercia defeats and kills Oswald of Bernicia 

Sep 17th:Arabs conquer Alexandria, library destroyed


In the year 168

Emperor Marcus Aurelius and his stepbrother Lucius Verus leave Rome, and establish their headquarters at Aquileia. The Roman army crosses the Alps into Pannonia and subdue the Marcomanni at Carnuntum north of the Danube.

This was the the time of the Marcomannic wars, when the Romans had a bit of a ruck with the Hun. Not long before the events in Gladiator.

I must say say I like this thread, well done Leelee.

In the year 261

The Romans, determined to win control of Sicily from Cartage, build a fleet based on the model of a captured Carthaginian quinquereme.

992 BC; Ryan Giggs was born.

 in 198 a.d. King Mithradates of Parthia died in battle against the Kushans.

I must say all your contributions are outstanding and I simply must find the time to look them all up and learn a little more. I so love history.

Is that a Sarcastic Comment aimed at me or a compliment for Rho?

What? Are you speaking to me? ff so , my comment was in appreciation of all the facts everyone is looking up. I am terribly interested in learning  about the past, it is fascinating.

227, the Bosporous denari was struck. It was made of copper.

In 2344, 57 People will be called Hugo Jenson.


It sort of looked like it was aimed at me, sorry.

CHEESEY!!!, What are you talking about???, It was clearly not a sarcastic comment and it was not aimed at anyone.

Please stop it.

 In 537 the Hagia Sophia was completed and St Silverius completed his time as Pope.

In the year 677

According to the Chronicon Pictum, the last of the Onogur tribes fleeing Khazars in the Ukraine come to Hrpad in Pannonia and the area becomes known as Hungary (but not yet Magyarorszag).

Not a terribly exciting year, but there's lots on this Chronicon Pictum - worth a look and lots of pictures.

About year 458.

Year 458 BC was a year of the pre-Julian Roman calendar. At the time, it was known as the Year of the Consulship of Rutilus and Carvetus (or, less frequently, year 296 Ab urbe condita). The denomination 458 BC for this year has been used since the early medieval period, when the Anno domini calendar era became the prevalent method in Europe for naming years.

Also, Pleistoanax succeeds his father Pleistrachus as king of Sparta.

Medieval for Oerath! Victory for Finland.

In 593 Saint Columba passed away, and had I been around then my birthday would have been on a Sunday.

In the year313 CE

Roman Empire
February—Conference at Milan: Constantine issues the Edict of Milan, ending all persecution of Christians in the Roman Empire.
April 30—Licinius becomes emperor of the Eastern Roman Empire, defeating Maximinus at the battle of Tzirallum.

Basilica of Maxentius and Constantine (Basilica Nova), Rome, is finished.

October 2—Lateran Synod: Donatism is declared a heresy.
Arius preaches of the human nature of Jesus.


Well, at least that was the end of Donatism , whatever it was.

Donatism eh, I need to look it up.


From the anglo-saxon chronicles:  Ethred was chosen as valiant leader and ruled the action for some four years. At the same time an enormous 'heathen' army came and took up residence and wintered and peace was made with them in England


St. Patrick was born in the Roman Britain in the year 389 A.D.

Question: Can we also use Middle Earth dates as well?

In the Year 1082

-May 12th - Battle at Mailberg: Vratislav II of Bohemia beats Leopold II of Austr
 Dec 5th - Ramon Berenguer II, Count of Barcelona is assassinated.

The Rochester Cathedral is completed, The German Henry IV, Holy Roman Emperor besieges Rome and gains entry, The Korean printing of the entire Buddhist Tripitaka is completed....

In the year 1106

February 2- Great Comet of 1106 first sighted

September 28- Henry I of England defeats his older brother Robert Curthose, duke of Normandy at the Battle of Tinchebri

Balaguer, Spain is captured from the Moors by the Count of Urgell.

Bolslaus III of Poland begins war against his brother Zbigniew for control of Poland.

Year 299

Year 299 (CCXCIX) was a common year starting on Sunday of the Julian calendar. At the time, it was known as the Year of the Consulship of Valerius and Valerius (or, less frequently, year 1052 Ab urbe condita). The denomination 299 for this year has been used since the early medieval period, when the Anno Domini calendar era became the prevalent method in Europe for naming years.

Roman Empire
Galerius defeats the Sarmatians and the Carpians.
Peace of Nisibis with Sassanid Persia results in major acquisition of territory in Mesopotamia.

Empress Jia Nanfeng frames Crown Prince Yu for treason and has him deposed

By the way, any one certainly MAY use any middle-earth time historically as well. Go for it!

98 BC: The Roman Senate passes a law forbidding Human sacrifices

98 AD:  The Roman Emperor Nerva dies and is succeeded by his adopted son Trajan

The year 251was ominous for Rome, for a plague that continued for fifteen years began .

In 453, Attila the Hun died

In the year 336 AD: The first recorded celebration of Christmas on this day took place in Rome.  

1138; The best number ever.


(Star Wars angry

398BC Death of Socrates - He died in Athens at the age of 71 after being tried and found guilty of not recognizing the Gods.

 The eye witness written account of Isaac the martyr by a kinsman Christopher under the cruel hand of Diocletion.

526, a catasrophic earthquake in Syria, the region now known as Turkey.

  • In year 1247 Shams ad-Din disappears, resulting in Jalal Uddin Rumi writing 30,000 verses of poetry about his disappearance and .Qin Jiushao publishes the original form of the Chinese remainder theorem andQin Jiushao publishes the original form of the Chinese remainder theorem 
  • In the year 1308 Emperor Hanazano of Japan began his rule.

    666! Evil login!

    212 AD: Jewish and Egyptians are awarded Roman citizenship within the Roman Empire

    192 the Roman Emperor Commodus was strangled by an athlete while bathing, thus ending his twelve year reign.

     October 8th, battle of Cibalae, Constantine beats Licinius the emperor.

    346 BC- The Peace of Philocrates is signed between Macedonia and Athens.

    1731 Author of Robinson Crusoe, William DeFoe(i never spell it right) died. One of my favorite books.

    YIPPEE! 1731 people on line. I am so stoked!

    1731 Author of Robinson Crusoe, William DeFoe(i never spell it right) died. One of my favorite books.

    YIPPEE! 1731 people on line. I am so stoked!

    558 may seventh- the dome of the hagia sophia collapses, Justinian 1 immediately had it rebuilt.

    year 1504

    February 29,– Christopher Columbus uses his knowledge of a lunar eclipse that night to convince Jamaican tribesmen to provide him with supplies.

    Wonderful thread!

    Year 355:

    Aug 11 Claudius Silvanus, accused of treason, proclaims himself Roman Emperor against Constantius II on this day in history. 

    Sep 07 On this day in history claudius Silvanus, Roman usurper 

    Nov 06 On this day in history emperor Constantine II crowns cousin Julianus keizer of Britain


    1083 Henry 1V of Germany came riding into Rome and captured St.Peter's Cathedral.

    265 BC....the Macedonian King Antigonus II defeats the Spartans and kills the King of Sparta, Areus I near Corinth, after which he besieges Athens.

    Anarya, please forgive my not noticing you had asked if one can use middle earth dates as well as regular earth dates, you CERTAINLY MAY. That is exciting and I welcome such information. Again I apologize. I try to read each and eyery post on a thread, how I missed this I don;t know.

    5th - Sun Ce, warlord of the Han Dynasty  , the year 200 died.

    720BC - Birth of Guan Zhong, political adviser of Qi in eastern Ancient China.

    67 A.D. Nero the emperor burnt Rome.

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