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I'm thinking about offering all of our members free email. If this were to happen, would you prefer to have, or something else?

I think is good and fair one, given the fact that it will announce the receivers about my membership in this comunity.

@tolkienmail is much "far-fetched" to my likining. We cannot pretend we are like the only, or the most genuine Tolkien admirers society (even though it may be true on many levels yes).

Not to preach ot something, just expressing opinion.

I agree with Ammornil.Sounds cool.Thanks Taz.

Our own email sounds cool. Smile Smilie I say we go for it. sounds a lot better. How will we use these?

I agree with everyone that is the best choice. Smile Smilie

I agree. makes more sense. 

Tolkienmail... isn't that what we had years and years ago? 

I think it's a great idea. But I'm going to be completely honest here, as I tend to do. I already have 3 e-mail addresses I use, I'm not sure I can fit another one in. So if you do make this, and like I said I think it's a really cool idea, I don't think I'd be able to use it much. It might make for a few good polls though? Suggestions on it and who would use it. Just a thought. I just don't want you to feel disappointed if you go through the effort and don't see me utilizing it.

In other news, Taz is awesome. Mini-Taz appreciation thread right here...

O Taz how completely wonderful and romantic, really. I have other email,. but I would change in a New York minute to be part of that community as it were. How kind and sweet of you.