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i have been thinking and thinking how we could introduce our dear Grondy to those who are just come now to Planet-Tolkien, or will in future. This would accomplish two things, namely reminding us how wonderful his words were and to keep him' present as it were on this site. For honestly, in my mind, he was the very voice of this awesome place for years. So I invite all who will, to go through some of the threads Grondy participated in and find a quote or two that you thought were funny, or profound or interesting and paste it on this thread. I will start; I'd say Vir is grumpy because he can't find any more scintillating crabs to crack with his hammer, except his poetry is ever so much better than that of the Vogons.

Grondy wrote this in the Dragon-helm Thread. It so made me smile.

"When Turin learned of Nienor's end, he ripped off his hat in desperation,and trying to stomp it into the  ground accidentally kicked it over the edge and into the chasm,Cabed- naaermarth, from which it was never recovered.

I don't expect the above was full of truthiness, but it might have been.

I liked the information Grondy gave in relation to Galadriel and Celeborn being seen together .

He said; ' They weren't just seen; they travelled  together from the Shire to the Grey Havens and beyond into the West. And now I have Annie Lennox singing in my head. It is a good thing I love that ear worm.'

It is Grondy's birthday today, can you all please step over to the party tree and wish our old friend a happy birthday.

Thanks guys.

"I think the previous post might be considered political; though what it has to do with the price of butter in Baltimore, of coal in Newcastle, or ice in Thule I haven't the foggiest."

He did explain the butter in Baltimore thing to us once. Loved how he would refer to things and quotes that made people go: err, what now? Smile Smilie

I remember when he said that! Makes me want to look it up now... I believe it was in Who's Next

"Lembas is good with raspberry jam too."

'Here's your complimentary tankard of Gimli's Finestâ„¢ Ale and a Combo Plate of our Deep Fried Watcher Rings, Bar-B-Qued Warg Ribs, and Hot and Spicy Balrog Wings. Enjoy!"

Those are just wonderful. (tears in me eyes) I remember when Grondy got annoyed with me and told me something like I wrote too much and did not put two spaces between the lines so he could figure out what I was saying. that is very general but it made me smile. I loved so much his matter of fact fiestiness. And I remember when I made a comment to Lord of All and Grondy said he nearly fell over laughing. I felt about a hundred feet tall. It was better to me than being acknowledged by the Queen, and I honor the Queen. Smile Smilie

" tried to open a full refrigerator with C4; only succeeded in ruining the door and spreading the...

WARNING: Kids and adults, don't try this at home or any other place. Besides being very dangerous, it will ruin your week trying to explain to the authorities, the source of your explosive"



I'm sure I'll dig up more stellar ones in future.

One of my favorites is found in the "stop my aging" thread.  Grondy's first post in the thread was very wise and thoughtful, then after more responses he posted these words of wisdom in a lighter vein:

And remember, Peter Pan never got old enough: to get his drivers license, to vote, or to drink in pubs legally 



"Poof!!!! Okay, your wish has been granted, but please try to make your investigation on your own time and we won't expect a report on your finding"