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Tommy: Assuming you have not been black-listed for swearing *he says jokingly*, you have to ensure you have logged on the Planet-Tolkien via the World Wide Web to get into the chat room. I have been bitten that way a couple times. When you log on, just use the following: and then when you click on the "Chat" link and enter your handle you should get in.
Hello & welcome Boucka - interesting nick, what does it mean?

I don't remember seeing either riddle in the Hobbit or LOTR - maybe Plastic or Grondie can give you a better answer since they're the riddle masters around here. I have a dirty answer for the first one which will probably 'cause Taz's flaming icon to appear & boot me off PT for good, so I won't post that here! Smile Smilie
Welcome to the forum Boucka.

No, I have seen neither of your riddles in Tolkien's writtings.
Hello there!

Actually, my nick is a rl nick that I somehow acquired when I was very young. I read ALOT and friends and family started calling me book-a (short a). Well, sometimes I would be so engrossed in a book that they would say "Boooo KA!" That seemed to sound better than Booka, as in book, so a new spelling was born. And there you have it Smile Smilie

Is there a way to contact people while they are online, within this forum? Pm'ing or the such ? Very new here and haven't learned all of the nuances of this place. Thanks for responding !
Thanks Grondmaster. Am involved in a contest of sorts and I have 4 riddles out of 10 that I don't have an answer for. 2 of them, I am told I am very close but that is all that the gentlemen throwing this contest would say.

I wasn't sure that these 2 riddles were from Tolkien but thought I would check to be sure. I have absolutely no idea on these whereas the other 2, I think I have a shot Smile Smilie

I had answered several and then when looking for these 4 riddles, I found the answers to a couple that I had already answered in the Book of Exeter.

Thanks again!

Oh, mayhaps you could point me in a different direction on finding clues to riddles?

By the way, very nice forum you have here. Have it bookmarked now Smile Smilie And now that I will be persuing some reading of Tolkien, I know where to come!
You're welcome - we're always glad to see new people, especially book lovers, around here! Smile Smilie

Actually we had the instant messaging feature in the old forum before it crashed, but I guess Taz hasn't managed to get around to putting it back in yet. So for the time being, we just yell at each other through 'Information' - best to check that section at least once before you go.

And don't worry about being new - we were all that once - and there are no nasty characters here ready to bite at the first opportunity! Enjoy the ride!
Welcome, Boucka. No, never saw the riddles either in Tolkien's books. They don't sound very Tolkienish either, do they? Smile Smilie
I didn't even know we had that Instant Messaging system. Guess I only watch the forum news... Smile Smilie And the site now and then. Maybe you can try logging into the chat room when you see any other members online here. If they aren't there, just do like Ungoliant said, shout at them! Big Smile Smilie
(I can't log in to the chat room, *taz, Grondy???)
Hello Boucka *bites* Wink Smilie No idea about the answers to your riddles, but I can tell you that neither of them are from Tolkien I'm afraid. Also, I'm rubbish at riddles unfortunately, and shouting, or mailing is the best way to get hold of any of us. I think the IM system is still on the main site, though I'm not sure.
Oh the old http:// no www. problem! Yeah, you did use to do that a lot didn't you Grondy. Still, it's a lot quieter without Tommy there! And I don't think I've ever heard her swear ever! Very ladylike.
Never heard me swear? Cos I always put **** whenever I want to say sth nasty... But it remains the same point... Big Smile Smilie
No, I think I've found the problem. I've recently installed a firewall, and it keeps the chat program from entering I guess. Mad Smilie
Will see what I can do... Smile Smilie
Firewalls really suck! You got to let them down to do almost any work ever on the net. Just make sure you've nothing you care about on your HDD and stick two fingers up to the hackers! Oh and I've never noticed you even use **** much Tommy, take a compliment when it's offered for ****'s sake!
Compliment taken! Wink Smilie
we needed a firewall cos we kept having troubles with hackers and viruses and stuff. Now we're having troubles with the firewall... It never ends does it? Sad Smilie
You could get rid of your internetconnection Smile Smilie
Never thought about that! Great idea though! No, we're getting ADSL soon. Should make this thing go a lot faster. And until tomorrow we have free internet, so that makes my day! Big Smile Smilie
Weekends? Study? *chortle* Tongue Smilie

No, kidding, I'm not here all weekend you know. It may look like that, but I'm not. Tongue Smilie
Tommie: Shouldn't you be using your weekends to study? I mean, we love having you here with us, but don't want it to be detrimental to your grades. Smile Smilie

And Mellie wasn't being a dunce, I was being too obscure--sometimes it would be better were I to provide a roadmap up front, so that people could follow the gist of my jokes; especially as it makes them uneasy when they can't, feeling that they are at fault, which they are not. It is just one of my many failures. Sorry.
I'm just checkin my avatar so don't mind me Tongue Smilie
I miss Tommy Sad Smilie
Gosh! Thanks Mellie! Big Laugh Smilie
Well I do miss you, when you are not here. and last week you and Golly and Nell were all gone. I was very lonely. Mellie pouts.
Yeah, it was difficult for Mellie. Very Sad Smilie However, to keep her occupied we discussed how many pins will fit on the head of an angel were we to place a limit the number of pins per hour to an amount that would be courteous to all involved. Then I dropped my box of pins and they spilled all over the rug: took me hours to pick them up, because I couldn't remember where I put my magnet. And by the time I had finally rounded all the little sharpies up, the angel had gone home for tea. Elf Rolling Eyes Smilie
Excuse me Grondy. What are you talking about? Did I miss something?
No, I just got carried away with my description of our recent conversation under the Trivia thread; and realizing it had no earth shattering importance, I tried to turn my description into a joke. Smile Smilie Sorry if I lost you or inconvenience you in any way; and it certainly was not meant as a put down. Got The Blues Smilie Sometimes my attempts at humor can be a little obscure; anyway, that's what my ex-mother-in-law told me, and she actually liked me. Wink Smilie
ummm ok, I will have to go check that out. I really got confused. lol but No Problems. I just thought that I was being an idiot.

Ok, I went back and checked the trivia thread, I get it now. Sometimes I really can be a dunce. Dunce Smilie

[Edited on 4/10/2002 by MelliotSandybanks]
Very Big Grin Smilie

What's wrong with being a dunce anyway? When you get used to it, it's kinda fun. Very Big Grin Smilie

Anyway, I'm back now. I'm going to be around as much as possible every weekend cos I won't be here during the week.
yeah yeah. We will see you next week end. Hope you do well in your classes.
Boucka, are you still around? If so, I would like to know what the answers are to those riddles, if you found the answers. Big Smile Smilie Oh yes, and my guess as to where they're from would be the Exeter Book.
Welcome to PT Boucka! Waving Hello Smilie
Im sorry I am not sure the answer to those riddles & am sure they aren't in the book. But goodluck anyways!