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hiku747 posted on Aug 8,2002:
i was wondering if anyone could hook me up with a decent picture of tolkien's initials.,, it is hard to find the symbol on the net, and when i do its all small and pixalated. i am looking for this so i can get it tatooed on my back. so if anyone can find a decent size picture of the symbol, i would giggle with glee and shout with joy and stuff, hehe thanks!

If they were to made using permanent markers, they would last until they were worn away (either naturally or by sandpaper), which would be better than undergoing a skin graph to replace a real tatoo, which is permanent. Orc Grinning Smilie rr[Edited on 18/10/2002 by Grondmaster]
This thread Tommy
How about in one of his books? especially the older editions, which you may find in the keeping of friends or second hand bookstores.

Another source could be one of the many Tolkien Bestiarys/Encylopeadias.

Let us know how the tattoo worked out. How big are you going to get it?
I do actually have one of the brown leather bound versions of the book with the symbol on the front, the problem is i dont have a flat bed scanner. I also have two bestiaries or how ever you spell it, but i never thought to look in there. thanks for that idea. my scanner is some stoopid high tech fax/printer/scanner machin-e and i cant very well stick a book in there. it would just be more convient to have a picture of the net instead of lugging my giant book there and asking the artist to scan it. i am going to have it a decent size, abour 3 inches. its going to be on my lower back, with a gradient, dark green to dark blue, i think im going to get 7 stars above it too. wow wee i just blabbed on about it, i will let you know how it comes out... i am going to get it in about 2 weeks. thanks for the ideas!!!!! Big Smile Smilie
Tolkien's initials on your back? That's cool! Big Smile Smilie

How do they look? Cos I never saw them, I think. I might have seen them in a book somewhere without knowing that they are the ones you're looking for. If you know what I mean. Tongue Smilie Welcome to PT, by the way. Big Smile Smilie
thanks for the welcome!! Smile Smilie yes i am really getting his initials on my back. the only sign i can find online of his initials that i could try and blow up is on this site:
but then i tried to blow em up and it was all chunky and pixilated or how ever you spell it. (i am the worst speller in the world!) it is an awesome thing to get tatooed even if it wasn't his initials, but since they are his initials, it makes it all the more better for my tatoo! Big Smile Smilie hey i have a question... have you heard of that movie ancanar? do you know a lot about the story line??
Never heard of it, sorry...

That really is a nice sign, I think it will look nice on your back too. Very cool! Cool Smilie

If you are still lurking around. Did you get the tatoo? How does it look? I found some pics of his initials on my books. It is a really cool symbol. If you have not gotten the tat yet, you could always try to trace it out of your leather bound book and then have the artist blow it up to fit the area you want it on. There are some really talented tatoo artist out there that could do a great job for you.
Hmm. I had forgotten about this thread, but where are you, hiku? Come back soon and tell us! Cool Smilie
I just found it, and had an idea, if hiku is still around i would love to know what happened.
You just found what, Mellie? Confused...
hey guys!!

i am soooooooooo sorry that i havent written or replied back! i am an idiot, i couldnt find where the log in button was!! it was tricky! Tongue Smilie but i DID get it!! Big Laugh Smilie my boyfriend's cousin did it for me, he gave me a wonderful deal, only $75. and it looks fantastic!! it is tolkien's intials, about 3 in on my lower to middle back (so when i show people my tattoo i dont have to show em my ass crack. gross!) with the seven stars for the dwarven kings, that were on the gates of moria. the stars are black, and the intials are a gradient, from dark blue to green. it looks awesome, not to brag, but it is grrrrrrrrrreat! i love it, i am so glad i got this as my first tattoo! Big Smile Smilie a lot of people dont know its his intials, they think its chinese. im like no way josie i would never ever chinese shizo, everyone gets that. so i will try and take a digital pic sometime when i get my hands on a camera so i can show you guys... tell me what you think!!
here's something for you-hope it's good but be warned you'll have to cut it off from the full image!it's the largest I found:
One question Hiku. Did haveing the tattoo done hurt? Only I'm thinking of haveing a tattoo done myself (when I get the money), probaly some runes...

[Edited on 12/10/2002 by Grondmaster]
It depends on whether you mind having thousands of needles jabbed into you, Halo. Personally, I find at first it's uncomfortable but not too bad. Occasionally one hits a nerve though, and you feel a shockwave travel through your body that makes your eyes water. After a while, I find you get accustomed to it.

I suggest you have small one, somewhere fairly well hidden to start with. You'd look pretty daft if you got part way into a large one and couldn't hack it. All of mine are in places I can easily cover them up too. It's a bad idea to have them on your hands and face, neck etc.

I also stay away from green ink. It cannot be removed even with lasers.
Very unusual having Tolkiens initials on your back, but kinda cool though Orc With Thumbs Up Smilie
I`m getting one myself, with my whole name tattooed around my anckle.. real name I mean..but I haven`t desided yet...I`ve got the money and all, but I don`t know if I can trust the sources I find on the net about fonts...Only man to be trusted is Helge Fauskanger..think he`s got the hang of it?

A nice tribute to Tolkien hiku747!
I saw someone on tv with an Arabic (i think) sentence tattooed around the anckle, it was really cool! I want a similar one in tengwar! Helge Fauskanger helped a couple who wanted the enscriptions on their wedding rings written in quenya and engraved in tengwar. He at least knows people who's got the hang of it! I'd trust him, thats for sure! Wink Smilie
Remember though, folks... Tattoos (or the scars from having them removed) are for life. I once woke up after a drunken night out to find a really ugly homemade tattoo of a butterfly on my left leg. I can't remember putting it there, but it never flew away.
Thanx for the advise Valedhelgwath, I'd have to get one thats easy to cover up anyways. Mum would kill me if I didnt. Orc Grinning Smilie
hey guys! sorry it takes me forever to reply!! Sad Smilie

thanks raptor for the pic!! i saved it to my puter

yes halo, tattoos do hurt i wont lie to you, i love it when people are tough guys and say they never hurt, my arse they dont! they do atleast a wee bit anyways. its the weirdest senesation getting a tattoo, you'll have to get one to know what im talking about. i agree with v-man (sorry i dont remember/know how to spell yer whole name, hehe) it depends on where you get it to the level of pain, and it depends on yer tolerance of pain. i was uncomfortable getting, and getting it on my lower back was painful when he hit my spine. if you're a wuss like me have someone there to hold onto yer hand, hehe. Big Smile Smilie i would definitely get one again, i actually plan on getting 5 more. i just need money and time. definitely get yer first one in a place you can easily cover up. im going to get a dragon, basically a picture of smaug on my back and have smaug written in tengwar, thats not coming till later on when i have lots of money to spend on tattoos. ive always wanted a dragon ever since i was little.

celebrian, yeah i know tolkiens initials can seem a unusual, but hey unusual is fun! thanks for the compliment!! Smile Smilie and anways, its not just my love for tolkien and his greatness, its about me. lotr is the shizo i grew up on and loved, and still love and always will love. its about me too!! Smile Smilie yeah make sure you trust the person giving you a tattoo... it was my boyfriend's cousin and ive seen the work hes done before, its pretty nice.

halo, definitely get a tattoo, i think everyone should get one. well not really everyone, but most people. but get something that means somethign to you. v-man is right (and sorry if youre not a man), dont get stuff that you dont want. cuz it is very hard to get rid of. well tell me how is comes out, id love to know!! Smile Smilie
Yeah, you gots to have a tat or two. They may well hurt, but some of us like that part of it, honest. The only real problem I have with them is the ever increasing price, I've been saving for ages for my next one (which is so d@mn cool it's not true). And both mine are in incredibly painful, though easy to cover places, woohoo!
I never could understand why people do not simply draw their tatoos on their skin with some permanent markers! Such works of art can be washed away and you can make a new one!...
"Oh my God, I woke up with a butterfly tattoo! Oh my God, and I think that my tounge`s pierced too! Oh my God,Oh my God! It`s a sunday morning after, and baby who the h*** are you!"

Sorry Val I just had to...It popped into my head when I read your post... Big Laugh Smilie

I know the song is terrible, but it fitted right in...kinda Big Smile Smilie

[Edited on 18/10/2002 by Celebrian]
See, they're writing songs about me now Wink Smilie . Well, two out of three anyway... Never fancied having my tongue pierced. I did my nipple a couple of years ago and that was bad enough.
I always thought about getting a tattoo, but I changed my mind like a zillion times and I don't think I'd want to get one. Not now anyway. Maybe later. Though yours must be like really cool, Hiku! Do get us that picture!! Big Smile Smilie
I would love to get a tat, but I am such a chicken s**t when it comes to needles. I really freak out and start hyperventilating and everything. My best friend Stace was going to pay for me to get one last summer, but I could not do it. She was so mad at me. These days I just go for the Henna tats. They don't hurt and do go away eventually. But I do love them, and think they are really sexy on guys. I guess I really do like the bad boy image.

I am glad that yours turned out well hiku. can't wait to see the pic.

and yes "V-man" is male, but we call him Val. It is much easier. lol

[Edited on 21/10/2002 by MelliotSandybanks]
I`ve searched everywhere for Henna tats, but it`s impossible to find in this lousy country!! So Angry Smilie It`s much safer and as you said Mellie,they eventually go away...and now that I`m a student it would be much cheaper then to get a real one...I`ll do that when I`m rich Wink Smilie
Next time I see any, i will get you some henna Celebrain.
im going home this weekend, so dont worry melliot, so i will get my hands on a digital camera and show ya the pic. hehe okays about val then, im not sure what to call people, i havent been posting for a long time... Smile Smilie celebrian, where do you live? here in the states there is a lot of henna. you can buy it at head shops, hot topic (i dont know if you have ever heard of that store) or any other place that sells stuff imported from nepal and india and shizo. henna tattoos are awesome, i still do it, im not too good, but my best friend and my boyfriends mom are so when i want something good done, i have them do it. henna tattoos are so much cheaper and less permanent. i got one done down in new orleans over the summer, it was $25, the girl did a great job and it was done in literally less than 5 mins... but its fun to do it yerself and and lot cheaper!! Big Smile Smilie i hope you can find some henna celebrian, its so much fun!
hiku, Celebrain is not in the states, and you can just call me Mellie. lol.

When I first found PT, I was not sure what to call people either. I just noticed what everyone called each other or asked. lol Some I am still not sure about. Sometimes I just cut and paste names. heheheehe. I cheat. lol
Ok I`ll do that from now on Wink Smilie But I`m afraid that I will offend ppl if I shorten their can call me Celeb, I think it clings better.
And Mellie? I cheat too! Big Smile Smilie
If that's what you call cheating, I do it all the time! Big Smile Smilie

And yes it's a lot easier than spelling some people's names out right. I never learned how to spel Val's name correctly, therefore I just call him Val throughout. Big Laugh Smilie And Celeb or Mellie is a lot easier and sounds a lot friendlier than Celebrian or MelliotSandybanks, right? Tongue Smilie
Couldn`t agree more Tom! Or should I say... *pasting* TomBombadillo? Big Smile Smilie
But I feel I don`t know ppl in here so good that I can shorten their name...will they get angry then? Out of respect I want to write Valedhelgwath and Grondmaster, but during my lazyness I want to say Val and Grondy...but I don`t know if they would approve of it... Smile Smilie

But just so all of you know; call me Celeb Smoke Smilie
Out of respect I want to write Valedhelgwath and Grondmaster, but during my lazyness I want to say Val and Grondy...but I don`t know if they would approve of it...
Big Smile Smilie

After years of seeing Rolemaster character names shortened to their first three letters, and yes Val was one of them, I should have known better really. So a whole host of people are going to think this ShadowElfofPower is really just an old lady.

It's funny how a name begins to fit after a while though, and how once it does, you stop thinking about how it looks. To myself, I am now Val, so don't worry about it Celebrian.
Grondmaster has groan into his roll as the wise old badger, Solomon Grondy. Cool Elf Smilie
Celeb, when I first got here, I didn't shorten anyone's name either. But I watched what other people called them and then did the same. I figured if they didn't yell or seem offended then I could do it to. lol
We are just so easy to get along with, eh, Mel? Big Laugh Smilie
Since we're kinda sorta on the topic, I always wanted to ask you how to pronounce your nick Val.

I hear it in my head as V' LED hil GWOTH, with the accent on the Led and lightly on the Gwath. I dunno why...just rolls off the tongue that way.

[Edited on 11/3/2002 by ProgHead777]
Very Big Grin Smilie It sounds quite funny that way!

You can call me Tom or Tommy or Tommie or whatever you like, Celeb. Big Smile Smilie
Since we're kinda sorta on the topic, I always wanted to ask you how to pronounce your nick Val
I pronounce as if it broken down into into its derivatives..... Val (as in Valkary), edhel (as in .., gwath (as in... gwaith)

Sometimes I pronounce the edhil shorter, as in... eD..hil. Either way, this is not the Sindarin way of pronouncing it. DH is pronounced TH in Sindarin, so edhel would be pronounced.... eTHel

You can call me Tom or Tommy or Tommie or whatever you like, Celeb.
Sort of like the old saw,
You can call me anything you like, as long as you don't call me later for dinner.
eh, Tommie. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

(I use the Tommie spelling as a hint to her gender for people not in the know.)
Val eed al gwaith. I guess I can get used to that. Tongue Smilie
Ok! Then it`s Val, Tom, Tommie or Tommy, Grond or Grondy, Mel or Mellie, Red, Ally or Al and blablabla! And Ama of course Wink Smilie *waves*
*waves back* Amari’ has something to do with the word m’ra= good. Ama means up, upwards. But ok, i can live with that. Wink Smilie
DH is pronounced TH in Sindarin, so edhel would be pronounced.... eTHel

So it's either Val or Ethel then Val? Sticking with the granny theme then? Wink Smilie
So it's either Val or Ethel then Val? Sticking with the granny theme then?
And it seemed such a cool name once upon a time Cool Smilie Sad Smilie
Very Big Grin Smilie

Big Laugh Smilie
You can call me anything you like, as long as you don't call me later for dinner.

eh, Tommie.

Yep, Grondy. (Grondie wouldn't suit, right? Big Laugh Smilie )
Right, Tommie. As long as I'm using the dimunitive "ie" ending to denote the female gender for you, I had best use the "y" for the masculine ending for me.

Of course as the Bard wasn't want to say:
What's in a name? A rose by any other name would probably smell like a skunk-cabbage. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
LMAO!! Yeah right, Grond. (on the safe road here) Very Big Grin Smilie
you know I only read part of this listing before I wrote this but There is something I must say. First, congragulations on choosing such a cool emblem to be permanently marked on your body. But, remember the important thing is th have JRR's ideas permanently embeded in your thoughts. This is a great story, the trilogy, but look deeper at the life lessons it teaches as well. Jrr built a world of morlity and evil. When you show someone your tatoo, make sure they they don't see just a cool form, but explain to them the deep desire JRR had make someting meaningful of his actions and creative desire.
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