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I am dedicating this thread to the beauty and allure of our site. I was wondering how hard it would be dear Taz to change the pictures we have, the balrog and the dead guy and yuccky smeagol are quite awesome but , could we not have a requent change of picture to: stimulate us to write about more things, it seems out of sight or book, out of mind. With so many competing things for our attention and thought , I am thinking that when we log in and such and see new fresh pictures on a regular basis that might get us going on fresher topics or stimulate fresh debate on old topics. Also, when people are surfing the web perhaps some might come on board simply because of the graphics and perhaps someone not doing so one day might do so the next because another picture has captured the imagination Fellow Middle-Earthings, what say you.

I recently asked about new pictures too Leelee... although I was wondering if we might have more pics of beauty (landscape or trees would be nice in my opinion) among the rather fearful images we now have.

But I was reminded that a change is in the works in any case.

You know Galin I keep wondering if you are a professor or an engineer of some sort, you are always one step ahead of me and so focused and so precise. Thank you for the infor.

Your idea of landscape is wonderful and I heartily concur. Think of a dazzling picture of Lothlorien on a sunny day, the leaves of gold just dazzling.

Or the White City showed as dear Boromir portrayed it while talking to Aragorn. That scene to me is one of the most poignant in the entire body of work of LOTR. I can scarce wait to see what the Tazster is going to do, something wonderful I know.  Quite frankly I find it hard to eat either before or after seeing Gullum at top of the page. oh no that feeling just came again, I must find something to settle my stomach. eeee.

Well your point is better than mine Leelee: not only can we arguably beautify the place a bit, we might do that and inspire more people with a greater variety of images, as you say.

But I guess we shall have to wait a bit... I'll endeavor to be more Ent-like in this  

Landscapes and Architecture images or sketches would be grand.  I would dare mention the Argonath, Minas Tirith, Minas Morgul, The black Tower, The Black Gates, Isanguard or even Moria...

Two words people though Copy write.........................

How about maritime and heavenly  scenes. Tolkien wrote not only about people but also made special mention of the surroundings. 

Heavenly (sunsets, weather moods, eagles in flight), Earthly(field scenes, mountains, lakes and rivers), Maritime(The Grey Havens, Seashores, Ships).

Other ideas to consider  Samwise pottering around in his garden, Bilbo Baggins writing his book,  Gandalf, and Balin taking tea with Bilbo.

I would add that any photos or artwork need not be from the films. In my wanderings I have found some beautiful photographs that remind me of Middle-earth, and it might be easier to get permission to use these than stuff from Jackson's films.

Tolkien loved trees of course... and since I can't post a link, I recommend checking out Tony Howell's tree photography (and his landscapes in general) on the web. This particular artist offers, for instance: 'Unlimited use of one image within one website, no time limit'

For (it seems) a single fee  -- and I've no idea about Planet Tolkien's financial concerns, but this was just a one minute search on the web. Perhaps others may provide images simply to get their work seen by more eyes, as long as the artist is noted.   

I don't know much, as Taz hides in his secret lair while doing this, waiting to ambush us with jawdropping awesomeness when we least expect it, but I do know this: There will be original art made for this project. Happy Elf Smilie 

I am thinking that just about any amateur picture from New Zealand  would do.

What about fan art, some of the pictures drawn or painted have been quite wonderful.