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I thought I would start a thread where we could just pop in now and then when we are sad, happy, anxious, angry, hopeful, whatever and just sound off a little. Nothing inappropriate, but just share a little and others could comfort or agree or whatever. I don't exactly know how it started, I mean I read something Grondy wrote nearly every day, but just a bit ago I saw something he wrote about crying when the scene where Haldir and the Elves come to Helmesdeep and it made him cry. I burst into tears and haven't stopped crying I know I know I know life goes on and whatever, but the truth is I MISS GRONDY SO MUCH it just hurts and hurts in my heart and I feel like a puppy who hears a sound and runs frantically with joy to the door to greet its' master, only it is not, it is only a stranger and the puppy slinks back to her bed and refuses food and falls into a sad sleep. So there it is , I have said it. I miss Grondy. And I intend to let myself cry this time until I can't feel anything left at the bottom of my heart.