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I just reread the coming of Tuor to ..... and honestly, I must admit that I like this story more than all the others in the entire body of work..............but alas it was unfinished. I like most of the Unfinished Tales, but this one is SO noble, so proud and adventurous, so awe inspiring and fearful and just .....well honestly words cannot describe how I feel. Tuor is a magnificent, brave, heartbreaking man who has my total respect and heart. And the amazing elf Veronwe, saved by Ulmo , the only one from all his friends and kin that had laboured on the sea for so long, he too was someone I hold high and consider the best of Elves.The story, so steeped in sorrow and despair as Morgoth's evil was ever spreading and disbanding and destroying the finest of the Elves, also had courage beyond hope, and tenacity to see the impossible happen. The scene of Tuor in the great hall, having been drawn there by the magnificent swans, and then the last or among the last scenes of Tuor finally standing in the unbelievable Gondolin with Vernowe, wearing that mysterous cloak, it is the biggest thrill. I wish this could have been fleshed out completely and brought to the last magnificent moment. All in one piece. T

oh, i totally agree, it is a brilliant tale 

Can you even imagine what the movie would be like if done faithfully and artistically. I am all shivers of joy merely thinking of it.

Agreed Lee Lee, would make a wonderful Novel of its own greatness.  I for one love the idea of being flown over the mountains into Gondolin by Manwe's Eagles.  The first vission of the hidden kingdom would be incredible.

Yes incredible, beyond description almost. And oh the emotion, after all the hardships, grief, numbness of mind and body, the hopeless feelings, deprivation and cold almost unto death. And when all hope seemed over, a light that grew greater until...................that moment. But honestly I would hope it would be tackled by someone with great visual integrity that ALSO had read Tolkien since a lad or lass and truly had the right heart and mind and integrity to do it. And what a triumph that would be...sigh.

I just thought of another awe inpsriring scene.  Ulmo the king of the seas walking out of a sea storm to brief Tuor regarding the finding of Gondolin.  I have often tried to imagine what the Valar would look like, especially Ulmo, who Im kind of fond of. 

Brego:You absolutely speak my mind.

That scene so intrigues me.I've tried writing poems on it,tried drawing it,but nothing can capture how a Valar looks and feels.

I will be really amazed if anyone can digitally reproduce this.

Yes Odette, very difficult indeed...  Another would be Yavanna standing on a hill with her arms upheld greeting the rain of Ulmo in the wind of Manwe, with the stars of Varda shining through.  There is a wonderful small section in the Sil where we witness some personal info regarding the relationship between Aule and Yavanna.  Its amazing because we witness a kind of gentle argument between Valar lovers.  Its the section where Yavanna realizes that most of her works will be used and abused by the children of Eru.  Its my favorite section of the Sil. Yavanna basically has a go at Aule, who retorts back, its funny and heart warming.

The outcome, the creation of the Shepherds of the forests. 

Oh yes I recall that.It was really domestic and sweet.She goes on and on about how Aule's creations will come and destroy her trees and they won't be able to protest..I think that's how it went.She mentioned something about the water too.Gosh I need to buy that book.

Brego, that would be wondrous indeed. But for me, the Valar are so above everything on Middle-Earth , that I honestly would be disappointed  to see a mortal play any of the parts. No, I who am usually not that enamoured with a lot of smoke and mirrors throught technology would indeed favour such a thing, totally ethereal and other worldly and the characters digital only, but the best that can be done, the very very best,

So true Lee Lee, that is one of the reasons why it would be incredibly difficult to portray the Eldar Days in film.  I dont think the technology is there yet to truly render the Valar or Maia in there true and majestic forms.  Any attempt would disappoint we fans of the Prof.  In my mind I can see it and I know how I would portray the powers.  I have yet to see even a 2d art representation which appeals to me.  Imagine how hard it would be to even represent the least part of Valinor let alone a living being from there....

How I wish Brego that I could have the privelege for a few minutes only to compare the images in your mind with mine. Do you draw or sketch Brego? You know i did not think that some of the professors art work was all that professional or stellar, but something in the way theywere done, something intangible, the FEELING that came over me is what swept me to that particular place. Almost magic. Perhaps you too have that magic?

I have yet to see even a 2d art representation which appeals to me. Imagine how hard it would be to even represent the least part of Valinor let alone a living being from there....

 Brego, this thought makes me wonder what Heaven might look like. I guess we wonder about the same thing.

Yes Lee Lee and Orwal.  I believe that Heaven or the higher plain as I call it, looks and feels different to everyone.  I also believe that The Undying Lands would be the same.  There a place where Eru's children see whatever it is which they hold as majestic and beautiful.  Therefore as with any attempt to visualise Tolkien's work, it is destined to fail, for most of the Prof's fans.

 I think its a brave artist to even attempt the wrath of such a passionate group of people.... 

Arrr the The Two Trees on there mound.  How amazingly difficult to portray there blended light as a visual.  Sorry Lee Lee my scribblings and sketches are unfit for sharing.  I wish however I could portray the way I see JRRT's work for all to see.

your little scribblings as you call them are wonderful and I get a lot of insight from pondering them .It is true, nothing our minds can imagine, here in this world, or there in Middle-Earth can ever ever  measure up to what IS in heaven or the Blessed Realm. sigh.............

There is another partial story in Unfinished Tales, the tale of Cirion and Eorl, not sure about spelling. A wondrous tale really, and suspiciously biblical to me. There are elements in it that remind me of the unfathomable brotherly love of David, the young shepherd who slew the giant Goliath,, and the mentally ill King Saul's son Jonathan. Also the biblical story of Moses, the Hebrew baby boy saved by his mother from murder by the Pharoah, found and raised by the Pharoah's sister.He became mighty in the sight of all but having killed an Egyptian who was in turn trying to kill a Hebrew slave, was condemned. He fled to Midian across the merciless desert and some many years later led the some three million Hebrews to freedom. At one point though becoming angry with the wailing crying multitude that were clamouring for water Moses disobeyed God and for consequence was led up the sacred mountain to behold the Promised Land from afar. Then he was put to death , or put to sleep on this earth and his body was buried by God somewhere on top of that mountain.

So too is a sacred mountain the place of a certain legendary leader and upon this Amon Anwar in Sindarin, or Halifirien by the people of the Rohirrim, a sacred oath is made between the to leaders of Rohan and Gondor . The absolute awe described , the immortality as it were of the place and the bond of everlasting friendship forged , is to me a tale of great moment and I would dearly love to see this in a movie along with of course the horrid war being fought against the enemy of the time.

This  has also been one of my favourite tales, especially the description of the relationship between Cirion and Eorl. If they made a movie they'd certainly have a "Ride of the Rohirrim"

There is something so beautiful and almost holy about those two, two men who came together in dire need and something like a blanket of honor and covenant fell upon them and they and their people were forever changed.