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It is around the year mark since the departing of our beloved Grondy across the sea upon a carven ship of great beauty from the Grey Havens. There is almost not a day that he is not upon my mind. I wish, I so wish those of you who never met him nor have read any of his posts could somehow look through a magic glass and watch him so to speak. In my mind Grondy was a man of greatness, with a fine intelligent yet practical mind, a firm resolve to walk always in integrity. He seemed so very very honest and was forthright. Sometimes he talked of his past and it was to me a most exciting movie on its own and made Grondy larger than life. I could actually feel the strength of his character, a very physical presence when he was online and it was his words I hurried to find each day to start my time in this magnificent place exploring thought and feeling. I hope Grondy dear you are happy and I know you are well and sure you are at peace.If you can please remember those of us still here in Middle-Earth ,living ,struggling at times, ever watchful of the enemy hidden and plotting out there somewhere in dark places. Oh that you could be here dear friend to join us in our little celebrations, our gatherings and assemblies on this good Middle-Earth, how joyous such a thing would be. But your place here, ever adorned and kept up, never forgotten , must be content with the remembered image of you, the essence of all that you were when you walked this ground, smelled this good air, and beheld 'the faces' assembled about you in conversation and friendship. Thank you for all you did for Planet-Tolkien, all your good advice, many times hilariously given,your compassion and your firmness when needed. Grondy, we bow in appreciation and deep respect for you. If any of you that walked in his exalted circle or had friendship with him or a kinship of thought would like to join with a few words in this thread,please do.

I wish I had the words to describe what Grondy meant to me and all of those here at PT, but sadly I don't. All I know to leave here is two quotes:

"We're so busy watching out for what's just ahead of us that we don't take the time to enjoy where we are" -Calvin and Hobbes

"Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened" -Dr. Seuss

you are so wrong dear Gimli, that was nobly and beautifully said and what you chose made me catch my breath, those words are so true . Thank you so much for contributing, I am sure our Grondy appreciates those words 

Good old silly, clever, wise Grondy. How I miss him. But it is good to see his posts in older threads. Thank you for this lovely thread, Leelee. 

I can't believe it's already been a year. RIP, Grondy.

You are welcome Am, my honor. Yes one year and my tears have barely dried and they came fresh again as I pondered Grondmaster and the many wise and truly hilarious things he said. Such a rich and full life. I had forgot that he had a son as well as a daughter and then the granddaughter came around the time of his departure across the sea. I remember how proud he was , I could almost feel the joy and pride lift from the page he wrote about it on and I was so happy for him. My prayers are with his family, it has been my experience at times that it takes nearly a year to even truly comprehend the loss of a loved one and start over in a new way.

I just took the time to read all through Grondmaster's memorial thread and I highly recommend it to all those who want to know a bit about the character of this wonderful man, grondmaster of this council. And to find out just how devoted so many were and still are to him. The link also shows a picture of him, his dear gentle faces so fits his avy, just wonderful. love you forever Grondy

An entire cycle not having Grondy here?!  It's a sad time, but enough to think of him.  He has always been a funny Khazad-Dumish Manager, a humour that could solve the most complicated of opinions and a great friend.  Rest In Peace Old Friend.

such a kind heart you have Loss the magnificent.

It does seem strange that it's been a year already. I recall sending a private question to Grondy, and he handled it wisely and without making me feel foolish for asking.

Hope all is well wherever you are Grondy. Here you are missed!

I clearly remember some of the council members from the days I first joined, and though it was over four or five years ago, I still remember Grondy and some others. So, I guess I'm just an old member with a newly formed account. Smile Smilie

Anyway, when I returned over 1,5 years ago, Grondmaster commented on some of my works, and he gave me good tips. I even saw my own mistakes more clearly, and corrected some of my past works. So, many thanks to him and may he rest in peace.

'Somewhere he travels, with a torch in his hand. It is misty and the paths are shrouded with dangers, but he always remains calm. A flame, It burns, and the flame is eternal. And we all know that he is the one, who will find a way to the legendary lands hidden in the West. The lands of gods and goddesses. The lands of magic and wonders untold.'

- Oerath Windsoul.

I still miss our dearest Grondy .but remember him with a smile upon my face Smile Smilie

Mellon my dear dear friend! How wonderful to see your name here in middle-earth after such an absence. It is an honor. Yes there is almost no day that passes that Grondy does not come before me in my mind and just this morning early when all the house was black and peace reigned, I prayed for him.

Thank you for taking the time to come and honor him, I remember you and Loss and Sian were my very best friends when I first ventured into these hallowed halls, and my love has not diminished.

Thank you Leelee dearest Smile Smilie

I will always remember Grondy with laughter and joy ..

He was and still is to me the true Planet Tolkien Master .

I am so glad that the council kept all of his threads so that we all can take part in his thoughts and knowledge

Anel íllume sinome. Nauvalye sinome. Sí nalye ólor melyahanno! Mára éste!

You were always here. You are here. Now you are a dream dear brother! Rest well!

Ammornil, how beautifully and nobly spoken. Thank you very much and I admire your skill in the language.

A year has gone back and it still seem like yesterday when I'd sign in and the top posts would be mostly Grondy's RPing in the Khazad Dummish Inn or doing the trivias. PT is not the same without him!


RIP Grondy! We miss you!

That is so true most faithful of friends to this site, it is not the same without Grondy. But as Bilbo Baggins of the Shire noted we are all players as it were performing that which we were called to do and then pass out of the scene to our individual doom. So it is our turn now to make a dent in Middle-Earth to be a credit to those who have passed over the water and keep their memories alive and cherished. And I am certain we will do the best we can.

February ninth was Grondy's birthday and i have been thinking of him a great deal in the last week or so. I remember how wide his understanding of so many subjects in life that I thought he seemed like a very genial living library. And I remember his talking of things in such a hilarious and yet no nonsense way and i always had the feeling i was listening to someone thousands of years old. Grondy was a dwarf and his love in real life of eagles and things of nature was comforting and informative. He said to me that we lived directly across the border from one another , he in The United States, me in Canada. We both had woods all around, gathering of eagles, the weather and it seemed as if we could just take a few steps and be in each other's back yards instead of hundreds of miles separation.

I did not feel i could think on it then, but belated happy birthday dear Grondy, wisest of members of the council , the one we all turned to to learn and understand. Miss you dearest. frown