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Welcome to TolkienFan, ceocan. If you scroll down in this discussion folder you will find a topic 'Elvish languages..' We have posted some links there.
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but what kind of elvish is "Quenya"
Quenya is the ancient language of the High Elves, used mostly in ceremony during the Third Age of ME; Sindarin is the more common daily usage language of all the Elves, it was developed by the Grey Elves.

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I have 2 questions:

1;where can I find a good Sindarin-English and English-Sindarin dictionary.
2;where can I find a name translator in Sindarin.

1; waar kan ik een goeie Sindarin-English en English-Sindarin woordenboek vinden.
2; waar kan ik een naam vertaler in het Sindarin vinden.
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In addition to Grondy's answer about Quenya, there is good reason why Sindarin has replaced it as the main elvish language in MiddleEarth. Originally all elves spoke one language which was similar to Quenya. When the Noldor and Vanya went into the West, however, the language developed different dialects between those in the West and those that remained in MiddleEarth. Over time these dialects developed into two distinct languages, Quenya and Sindarin.
When the Noldor returned to MiddleEarth they spoke Quenya but when Elwe (Thingol) learned of the Kinslaying at Alqualonde (his kin), he barred anyone from speaking Quenya within his realm. After this time, Quenya became more a language of lore and was not used in public.
It is a beautiful language with liquid syllables suited to songs and poetry.
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I posted a reply to this in the other Elvish language thread.
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I have just created a new section within the WEB LINKS entitled LEARN ELVISH Read Smilie
For more details see my post in the other Elvish Language thread