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One warrior fell, and then another. Revenge and deceit. Treason and malice. War and death. The world trembled. Dark clouds filled the sky. Black rain poured down, drenching the already blood stained earth. Man fought man, beast fought beast, fire and water fought all. Then, with the fading of the sun, all was silenced.

Whether days, months or even years had passed by, the man knew not. Traversing in darkness across nothingness, containing no hope, only despair, in his numerous thoughts. His name ringing in his ears, "Tor". The name that meant 'foundation', but in his mind, had lost all truth. Until, that is, he saw the sun. The old sun's new rays slowly began to shoot through the heavens, reaching the devastated earth. Causing the abundant seas and oceans to shimmer and creating an outline of each mountain that raised its head above the horizon. And here began a new start to a new age and a new life for Tor.

Very nice, is this a story you are crafting and will continue day by day?

Yes, it is. I posted it there without any explanation just to see what peoples responses would be! I will be adding to it once in awhile.

Anyway, here is more....

There was no one to see him now. The prince of five cities, the general of the greatest army in history, the possessor of a fortune worth millions in gold and silver, as he stood on a lone pinnacle in the middle of a vast expanse of still, sparkling water. He wore blood splattered mail and armor, a shredded cloak and an empty sheath at his side. Dark, tangled hair swept against his face as fresh zephyr blew into the land. Tor surveyed the new scene, his green eyes flashing with excitement and wonder. However, the pleasant feelings that came with the renewing of the sun did not last for very long. The prince noticed his hunger, thirst and most of all, his loneliness. 

For the first time since the light had disappeared, Tor was able to breathe a sigh of relief. A serious look spread over his noble countenance as he gathered up his strength to move on. He earnestly believed that there was no life left on earth besides him. So, clenching his jaw to forget his hunger, he stumbled down, into the canyon below him. Sore feet and bleeding hands worked to steady a tired body. Over an hour of half climbing, half falling, Tor collapsed in a dead looking valley. He passed out with his mind on a large, old, skeletal tree that clung to the stones around in front of him.

Well written, Wen, and I'll be reading as this progresses. It is very interesting, and I am excited to see where you go with it.

Hi! well I have to say I was a bit lost with this thread because I didn't know what to do. I mean, I thought Wen wrote the first part of the story and maybe other PT members might go on writing. But nope, it wasn't. It will be a story we must follow post by post.

I like the title. It made me smile. There will be always new beginnings. Wen, that's a good thread. Continue with your work and give us more details of this story, we want to know more...

Thank you for the encouragement Elbereth and Rukain! You see, this story was a sure surprise to me. I was not expecting to start a story, but here it is, going strong in my mind. Don't you love how imagination works?

More will come...eventually

Wen, I find that when you don't expect anything and suddenly something comes to your mind or life.. well, it's sure it comes for making you feel better or for teaching you something. That is probably what happened with this story of yours, it came and you felt even surprised for that. Inspiration has a weird way of working.... but it makes feel sooooo good! It's like a pleasant surprise when it comes.

I trust we can read more of your story in PT.  We are waiting...

Have a nice weekend!