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I did not know that it was Am's birthday til i visited some little Hobbits elsewhere. Now how did this happen I wonder? At any rate I wish you dear council member a belated happy birthday. I am sure from how you describe your family that it went well and you were blessed. But i should like to take the time on behalf of your council family to wish you a happy year. We are all swamped with day to day worries and duties, a slip up can occur. Please forgive.


Happy Belated Birthday Amarie Smile Smilie Hope you had a great one. Have a great year ahead surprise

Happy Birthday Amrie!!!  You get a barrel of Gimli's Finest (TM) for free and for everyone else drinks are free in the  Khazad dummish Inn today in honour of Amarie!! 

Yes! You may  have some of my fine brew for this joyous occasion. Now i just need to find out how Thorin got into my store.....

Oh! A birthday thread for little me!! Big Smile Smilie Awww, thanks guys!

And Gimli's finest! My favorite!  
You should perhaps return to the inn and keep an eye on things, Gimli. You never know what they are up to in there. 

Happy (belated) birthday.

Happiest of Birthdays to you Amarie!

Happy belated birthday! *hands over a gift (tis a hug *hugs*)* Smile Smilie

A belated Happy Birthday!   frown

Happy Birthday Amarie. Hope the next year brings you evrything you wish!