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Hello, I just wanted to say to all of you that it has been a very nice spring.

I've been contributing nearly constantly since of that day, when I came back and now I feel that for the first time during these past 2+ years, I need a little break. It's summer, and I'll continue my studies after the holidays.

I haven't got any job, so I'll focus on writing and other things instead of that. So, I bet it's going to be a long, but good summer. Starting from today, I'll be off for a while. Maybe even for weeks, who knows.

My main goal is to write my novella and finish a collection of my grandfather's poems, by writing my own versions of them, probably in english.

I wish you all well and have a nice summer. See you guys on June or July!

- Oerath.

Be well and good luck.

Good luck with your Novella Oerath. Enjoy the Northern Summer. It's miserable, wet and cold here in Southern Australia so I'll be thinking of you in the gentle warmth of the north.

Best of luck my Friend! We will be waiting for your homecoming! Have fun Big Smile Smilie

Looking forward to reading those poems! Sounds like a good plan. Enjoy!