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I wanted to take this opportunity to thank Taz for this site, with all the things he is up to, in the midst of the buzz of his life, he did this for us, who so needed to come here; to unwind, to visit the dearest of friends we have found and grown to love; to comfort us just by entering Middle-Earth, and to grow in knowledge of the awesome Professor JRR Tolkien. Thank you dear Taz, no Pet Shop boy could influence the world as you have, for good and happy. (no asking about my reference to pet shop boys, i shan't answer. Smile Smilie
Yes thank you Taz for the obviously huge amount of work you must do to give us this wonderful outlet on behalf of our beloved Professor. It's always a pleasure to read the words of so many like minded wanderers. Cheers and wherever you are I hope your happy and well. Also thanks to all of the Council. Your all white in my mind.
How could I ever not see this thread!

Taz, thank you for this wonderful place. You have the best ideas for a website. You are genius!!!

btw Please dear Taz if you have time, post something. Please I want to see your beautiful avatar again. Smile SmilieSmile SmilieSmile Smilie
Thank you Taz!! For this awesome website, for all the mithril you give me, and for really working on making this awesome website better than it already is!!

Thank you, a million times over Taz, for this amazing site! Really I can't thank you enough, but a long line of 'thank-you's would be boring and repetitive so... Just thank you!