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The eldest grandson of JRR Tolkien , Michael Tolkien seems to be embarking on something lovely He is writing or may have finished by now two stories based on tales his grandfather used to thrill him with as a child. To add MUCH to the thrill of it , Gerald Dickenson, Charles' Dickenson's great great grandson will narrate the audio versions of the books. We shall at any rate get to read something new and fresh, and if there is anything to the 'blood' thing that Aragorn wondered about, we might just be able to be thrilled all over again by enjoying the works of someone close to our hero.

Oh, that is exciting! I wonder if he might remember bits that Tolkien never worked into his published books.

Also, growing up constantly surrounded by his father's talented story-telling, he must have a knack for writing his own. I wonder when we'll get to see these new books?

Lee Lee, wonderful news indeed. And yes Goldfeather one can only hope.

I am a hardcore Dickens fan as well, and it will be the biggest thrill to listen to the audio tapes. shiver.

Good news! I still must read many others Tolkien books... but it's amazing to see that his grandson will continue Mr. Tolkien work. First of all, for the personal part of dedicating his time to remember to his grandfather (as our Oerath! ) and second because for the readers of Tolkien is a marvellous present. Let's wait patiently. Anyway, I will go on my Tolkien readings with "The unfinished tales.." as Arwen suggested me. At the moment my favourite story is LOTR but as mithology, the Silmarilion is a masterpiece.

Such exciting news! I eagerly look forward to it, catching up on my other reading while I'm waiting. I still haven't read the Silmarillion(which I've heard is the best)

I think the Silmarilion is his magnum opus, and strange and surreal and grim as it might be to the reader, to me the characters are the most like the reality and grief I personally have weathered, if one took away the fantastic in it it would cry out the sorrows of those in war time, in clan feuds, on the mean streets even. It is the 'shock troop' book , the assorment of tales that pierce the soul and bring the reader to his /her knees.

Reading this thread, I have a question. What's your opinion about the Unfinished tales? How would you describe it? It's a book with several stories or tells something about already known characters of the Silmarilion or... I have no idea of what I can expect of this book. Any clue? Please tell me any of you, anyone who had read the book of course.

I haven't read Unfinished tales either, and have had the same question for a while. Plus, should I read the Silmarillion first, or Unfinished tales? Do you need to have read one to read the other?

No Rukain, you don't need to read one to begin the other. But it's like putting pieces together, when you read the Hobbit, you understand the fame of Bilbo in the Shire for example and when you read the Silmarillion you understand more details of races, many many many things. You just read whatever and you'll discover something new in Tolkien's Middle Earth. It's like creating this world with more nuances. I love it!

Definitely I will begin the Unfinished tales. I will take Arwen's advice into account. If you read it, we can share some comments later. However, I will buy it during my travel to New Zealand, I will bring some Tolkien books as souvenirs, it will be the first time I read the original texts in English!

I have read Unfinished Tales and The Silmarillion both. I first had read The Silmarillion. It's my favorite book. Than I had read Unfinished Tales. Also a great book, with lots of information. I think it doesn't matter if you first read The Silmarillion and than Unfinished Tales. Or first Unfinished Tales and than The Silmarillion. If you want more information about characters, places, races and other things than you definitely have to read them both. But The Silmarillion goes more about the history of Middle-Earth.

Goldfeather, I forgot to say hello. Thank you for contributing.

The trick is reading silmar. Unfinished tales and children of hurin at the same time! Best way to get the full story in chronological ordr! bit of a pain with ur fingers in pages of 3 books but def worth it!

Unfinished Tales is probably my second best favorite of all the canon of his writings. Fabulous, rich in detail and so very emotional and thought provoking. The Children of Hurin affected me so deeply though I felt emotionally ill for a couple of months after, so I would not actually recommend it to someone who is suffering depression or is easily upset. I read it at a bad time in my life and wish I had not for maybe five or six more months

I read the Children of Hurin a while ago, and don't remember much about it except that it was sort of, I guess I'll say disturbing. 

Also, I just got both the Sil and Unfinished Tales from the bookstore, and am on chapter 8 of the Silmarillion. It's great so far, and really interesting. I heard that you don't get hooked in it until quite aways in, but I was sucked in during chapter 1! 

  And, sorry for my absence, it's been a very busy and tiring time, but in a good way. It'll probably continue to be like this for another 3 weeks or so, put I'll be here when I can. Plus, does anyone here play LoTR online? I think I'm going to check it out, I like RP video games and action games and things, as long as there's not too much gore. I'd like to hear other people's opinion's on it.


I haven't read Unfinished tales either, and have had the same question for a while. Plus, should I read the Silmarillion first, or Unfinished tales? Do you need to have read one to read the other?

I would definitely say read the Silmarillion first. The Hobbit, LotR and the Silmarillion are stories that don't need any background reading. Unfinished Tales looks deeper at the stories contained in the earlier books and if you read it before the Silmarillion, will probably not make a lot of sense in some places and will almost certainly act as a spoiler for when you come to read the Silmarillion.

Saying that, the opening chapter of Unfinished Tales was the first thing of Tolkien's I ever read, and it was that that drew me into his other books.

Does anyone know when the new books are due for release? Really looking forward to some more stories. I wonder where within the time line and geography these new stories will sit. Very excited.