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There is plenty of mention of the remainder of the noldor setting up shop in eregion right? But apart from celebrimbor, who else is left? If gil-galad and elrond are chilling in mithlond and imraldis respectively, who else is left? According to ' concerning galadriel and celeborn' both of these noldo obv play a big part in the founding of eregion but end up leaving around 1400 SA. But celeborn possibly not even being of noldor decent (plus resenting the relationship between the noldr and dwarves of kazahdum because of the sack of menengroth), I presume he was not counted as being influencial within the eregion. So my question being, are their any famous noldor actually left after the sundering of beleriand to properly settle in eregion or was it just celebrimbor and galadriel? Apologies for rough typing, I'm in bed and needed to ask this question while its fresh in my mind! So my question being, was there anyone left after the sundering of beleriand
Hi Laguna. Good question. From memory, Galadriel and Gilgalad were the only notable Noldor to stay in Middle Earth following the Changing of the World. Of course there were other high ranking Elves who decided to sail West in the years following Numenors destruction. With Celeborn being Kin to Thingol's House, along with other Grey Teleri, Thranduil, Cirda and more. Of course the last King of the Noldor, Gilgalad, was of mixed blood and died at the Last Allience. I'm sure others may fill in the gaps, this covers many thousand years.....
Apologies, that last sentence was unfinished. I know a bit about the survivers of beleriand. Was really enquiring into specifically the noldor population within eregion. Which leads me on to a further curiosity about the members of the gwaith I mirdain (jewel smiths of eregion) seems they were pretty nifty in their craft. Would love to know more about them and if they decended from anybody famous. It just seems that with so little noldor left at the end of the 1st age there would be more than just the son of curufin and galadrial to create an entire region which seemed to prosper greatly. I'm sure there is probably some noldor princes unaccounted for that possibly reigned in eregion?
Oh I see. I too wonder greatly about Celebrimbor and his People and their great relationship with the Dwarves of Khazad Dum. I would love to know more about The High Road, The Doors Of Durin and How two peoples got along. These things are hardly mentioned in the books and would be a whole book, I believe, if the Professor had enough time.

But celeborn possibly not even being of noldor decent...

Celeborn was not of Noldorin descent (considering your 'possibly' here)...

... (plus resenting the relationship between the noldr and dwarves of kazahdum because of the sack of menengroth), I presume he was not counted as being influencial within the eregion.

According to the text you're referring to 'Celeborn and Galadriel came to be regarded as Lord and Lady of the Eldar in Eregion...' (including the wandering Nandor)...

... and they actually establish the realm of Eregion here, and later in the text: 'But in the meantime the power of Galadriel and Celeborn had grown...' and it was the revolt of Celebrimbor that wrested power from them, and Celeborn then could thus be 'disregarded by Celebrimbor'.

Until this point I would guess Celeborn had notable influence in Eriador and Eregion, if not as much as Galadriel among the Noldor perhaps -- and she herself left Eregion after Celebrimbor's revolt. Also, according to this text there were Sindar and Green-elves as well as many Noldor who had followed the couple into Eriador (over the Ered Lindon), and Eregion was noted as primarily 'but by no means solely' a Noldorin realm.


Not that this text necessarily represents Tolkien's ultimate idea with respect to the founding of Eregion, but as you referred to 'Concerning Galadriel and Celeborn'  in your first post (as if you are using it as a base for the history here), according to this same text then, I'm not sure it's necessarily so that Celeborn was not counted as influential within Eregion before the revolt.

 Well according to the

Mmmm. I must have missed something. Why would Celeborn ever be considered a Noldo at all? Is he not the kin of Thingol? He is mentioned as so in the Sil. Of course his union with Galadriel and his stature within the court of Thingol would make him high in the opinions of the returned Noldor. Celembrimbor would out rank he and quiet possibly even Galadriel in the Royalty stakes. I was under the impression that Celeborn and Galadriel left Eregion pre it's destruction, in order to find a land of their own, for their own reasons. I need to do some re reading.

There's an interesting possibility -- if very early and rejected -- that Celeborn was once considered a Noldo.

This is based on a very early draft statement, and if I recall correctly even Christopher Tolkien notes this is suggested. But without going into the rather misty and changing external history of Celeborn's clan, JRRT ultimately published that he was Sindarin: once in the first edition of The Lord of the Rings (a revision to the second edition impacted this description a bit)...

...and later in the 1960s in The Road Goes Ever On.