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Taz dear, i have enjoyed the two pictures we have , but i was hoping we could have another two now, this time instead of dark pictures, something light and beautiful, like the wedding of Aragorn and Arwen and perhaps the Shire at mid day in all its green and gentle splendor. What say you ?
Some Elves would be nice.

Oh yes, some Elves would be very nice, and maybe a long beautiful swan boat.

A pic of the Shire would be wonderful, or perhaps the Grey Havens at sunrise. Something soft and beautiful.


Something on the side of beautiful would be a nice change


Gondolin would be nice and maybe The Two Trees at the mingling of the lights.

Yes, I agree. A change towards something beautiful would be good.

Me, I would choose.... elves, the Shire, Anduin river, etc. Maybe, yes, my vote is for THE PARTY TREE in Hobbiton.

Poor Taz....   Where or Where would he find all of these images? lol

I SO  believe in him

Yes, poor. I am sure Taz will find them and also find the way to put all PT members wishes fulfilled in just a couple of images. I am curious now...

Hey, Wen here Smile Smilie Haven't been around in awhile.... So, where has Taz been?

Um, lets think, I think I would be either for a Lorien scene or a picture of Cirdan and his ships.

The Wise, and the Ring Bearers boarding the last ship would be nice too.

Oh how I ahould love ro see tht one dear Brego

I've actually commissioned an illustrator to redesign the whole website, as part of Two Trees, coming soon... 

I will rejoice to see thaat dear Taz.

We're all really excited!

Now that is exciting news!  

I'm very much looking forward to the new design and illustrations. I didn't take part in your conversation about the subject that much yesterday, so I felt like saying something on the matter.

Bound to be superb, that's for sure. Smile Smilie