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Professor Tolkien has many lessons for us in his wonderful stories and tales. For me it's the lesson that nature is sentient and deserves respect. We as humans have not paid heed to the fact that nature can and will fight back. We all know about climate change and that destroying forests and environments is bad and is simply a quick and easy way of making a quick buck, think palm oil in Indonesia and the hundreds of species including the people of the forest the Orangotans which are now endangered. Yavanna says that unless her trees produce fruit upon bough they will be used and or destroyed by Illuvatar's mortal children and that is exactly what has happened in our selfish history. What is the lesson which stand out to you most in JRRY's world?

I heartily agree Brego, although Elves, Men, Dwarves and such were essentially in this subworld created in the image and likeness i think of Eru, like the Christian Judeo God, the earth and all therein was a divine gift and the proper and sacred stewardship of it all was a serious commission given to all and was to carefully be done. Eru endowed all the trees , water, air, soil and such to stand tall and bring retribution to acts ongoing of cruelty and neglect.

John Ronald perhaps was thinking of the scripture in the Bible that says of God " He will bring to ruin all those ruining the earth."

Oh, what an amazing topic. The first thing that came to my mind is that I wish that someday I will be wise enough and mature enough to learn from JRRT. Not only enjoy reading, analyzing and discussing, but also really seeing what is the most important in his stories. There is some ultimate truth in those epic stories we sometimes read, and definitely Tolkien was one of the writers who are able to put this truth into their work - that's what I know for sure.

One thing that hits me every time I read his works is that sense of humbleness. All those great, strong and powerful characters in the books know they are only a part of the world - and that's how I see their wisdom. They are able to look further, there's always something more to care about, there's always something more to consider. There are goals and perspectives - sometimes very distant  for them, unreachable or unclear, but reading Tolkien's stories you can be sure that everything will make sense. They won't concentrated on their selfish reasons, because they know that they aren't the most important in the world, and there is something 'bigger'. It's a perfect characteristic for a wise person in my opinion. And seeing how important nowadays is to be the most beautiful, the most seflf-confident, the richest, the canniest ect. I'd love see this in the world around me.

Brego I will call you from now on: Green spirit.  I really love those posts!

I think JRR Tolkien wrote many things to be learnt and in my case, I like that related to Nature but also friendship. When there is a huge danger or evil that can destroy everything we love, no matter from which folk you belong, just let our differences aside and come together to fight against it. Then you have also loyalty, the love for simple things, etc.

Beautiful wise thread!

Beautifully said all of you.

I think also the thing i learned and live by myself is the message that happiness is not the most important thing at all. Living in the manner and achieving at least in part that which Eru meant for each and every creature instead of perverting his purpose and thus bringing grief and sorrow to many is far more important than the pursuit of happiness. That is why Gandalf told Frodo that we only have a window of time, very small indeed in certain instances and we must decide to either plow ahead and do what is right, noble, and in some way everlasting rather than selfishly gratify our whims and pleasures when so much is at stake.

We have example after example of simple people , noble elves, stalwart Numenoreans, dwarves, hobbits who forsook their own happiness to fight and die if needs must to preserve freedom, beauty and health of their world and leave a legacy of peace and freedom and choice of good things to their descendants. To me the difference between such ones and those who live for themselves only is the difference between clean, clear mountain water and sludge and sewage.

Well said all, beautiful people. Lovely to read. Another lesson I think John Ronald is telling us about is that War is only justified when it is in the protection of ones people by an oppressive force. A force that cannot be negotiated with and is intent on oppression and possession of that which belongs to others, whether it be land, people or freedom. Again we have not learned from these messages and still think that War can solve the problems of others. Put simply, it has never worked and never will, no matter how good the intent.

 Hello people!

Wise words in this thread. I think Leelee's post must make us think about being selfish or taking care of others. We are not alone in this world and we must at least respect the others. This brings to my memory a song I hear constantly: Alone in heaven (Sonata Arctica).  Could someone be happy when everyone around is suffering? Living in society means to feel part of it, work together, cry together and enjoy together.

Related to war. I will never understand it as I will never understand many things in this world (violence in any way, racism, etc.) But it's true Brego, Tolkien tells us that war is the last answer. In some cases, as we see actually, people take weapons as the first way to solve their differences, killing their brothers, causing deep pain; we are making this world a true hell by many facts.

So as Gandalf said: All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us. For that, we must do good, listen to mother earth and take care of it, help the others, be thankful for what we have and others do for us and learn to forgive. It's just my opinion.

We can truly hear the real Professor in the words of Gandalf every time.

Wise words indeed, Elbereth.

By the way, Brego. Considering your first post and it's content, I find it quite strange that you talked about nature right there, and then two days later, I finally penned down my 'The Sorrow of All Woods', and added it as a journal entry. I had planned to write it on the same day you wrote your post, but my computer crashed that evening and I lost the stuff I had written, and I was too bored to write it down during that evening.

It is a short work, but what is funny is that I wrote down my thoughts about nature, and how I feel about the fact that some people just cannot respect Mother Earth.

Anyway, I gotta go now. I just wanted to say that and express my interest in this thread. Who knows, maybe I'll join in for a few more posts.. Someday. Wink Smilie

Oerath perhaps we have a Psychic connection! lol, I look forward to reading it.

This is such a beautiful thread. Lovely. Brego you're so true. You really can hear the words of Tolkien in the things Gandalf says. It's so true about nature.
I learned much things from Tolkien and I still learn. I only don't really know how to describe my feelings.
When Gandalf comes to the Shire and tells Frodo about the ring. Frodo knows something must be done. And he knows he will be the one who has to do it. And also when they are in Rivendell when the question is who will go to Mordor, Frodo feels he needs to do it. And so he goes to Mordor. He know it's dangerous but still he has the power to go on. You must never give up. Even if you don't know what to do. Stay strong. And believe in yourself and in others.
And the brave Samwise Gamgee he also keeps believing. When Frodo says to him he has to go back home. He goes back but when he finds out what happened he goes back to protect Frodo, his friend. Never give up. Never lose hope. Trust yourself and trust your friends.
And Aragorn who isn't sure about himself. About become king, being Isildur's heir. He accepts his fate and becomes king. Even if he wasn't sure. But he knows it's his duty to the people of Gondor. He believes in his people. Don't walk away from the truth but accept it.
And the story of Beren and Luthien. It's very much like Tolkiens own live. How strong love can be. It's one of my favorite stories. It's so beautiful but in some ways also very sad. And all what others has post here about nature. It's true. Things happen and firs you don't know why and than later everything becomes clear. In the stories of Tolkien are all the characters so wise. The thing about the future but they also think about what happened in the past and the also think about now, what would be the best to do, for now and for later.
And the great aspect of friendship. Even in a dangerous situation they all are always there for eachother.
And Leelee how beautiful said about happiness and time.
And war. War isn't a good thing and thats something Tolkien knew very well. Brego, the words you said about war are so true.

All the characters think about others, there is not one who is selfish. (or maybe the ''bad'' characters)

Wise words from all of you.

I love this thread.


I'm not sure about my post it is

Elbereth said:

Brego I will call you from now on: Green spirit.’

Brego, doesn't that sound good? I think it's a nice name for you. ;-) Yes, I think it fits you.

I love this thread. Wonderful!
Green Spirt I love. Thank you dearest Maidens Elbereth and Arwen. Going to the county this week end with a number of free green spirits. Can't wait.
It's just a title that fits you! You have such a gentle soul, dear Brego. I mean that from the deepest of my heart.
Just got back to Melbourne after a weekend away in the Country. Very green and lush at the moment as we have had good rainfall for two years after twenty years of drought. So glorious to see the bush land revive and start to thrive again. The Gum trees are flowering, blossoms and golden wattle everywhere. Kangaroos are looking fat and healthy, birds of all kinds are having a population explosion. Even saw a pair of Wedgetail Eagles teaching their fledglings to fly. They are huge with a two metre wingspan. Was a double birthday in the bush with a big bonfire beside the Spring fed dam. Back in town now and must have an early night, as last night was rather huge, and rather alcoholic with Ale and mulled wine.
Oh Brego it sounds wonderful. I really wish i could visit you some day. I love nature and this sounds so beautiful.

It is Arwen and it would be wonderful to have a lot of the PT people over....  If I win the lottery Ill pay for you all!

Did I mention the property is in a place called Elphinstone......

No kidding look it up on Google Maps.

How kind that is. You, gentle elf! And if I win money I will visit you, really. ;-):-)