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This is in your honor Amornil, I hope you come home to us soon. I would like to set this guild up in a clan style. In otherwords if an Elf from say Beleriand should come on he or she could state how things were or are there, what the chief concerns might be. And the rest of us would give our thoughts first about that before the next person comes and says where she or he is from if different. Sort of like the town hall meeting type of thing where troubles or concerns or messages of joy like the birth of a child or something like that is discussed. I want very much to create a sense of community, of blood ties and love and fellowship in the Elven world . Any one of other types of persons such as dwarves ,Hobbits, etc can visit and if they too have a concern in their world we might help. But the main subjects will always be we elves, our thought, our families, our crafts, our travels and the like.

This thread was worth logging on for! What a wonderful idea. I really think it could take off. I guess I will start. (:

I am a messenger of Galadriel. Roaming around Middle Earth, bringing news to people is my job. As to relations, I am the son of Celeborn's second cousin. I would love together the all the other elves of Lorien to start a working, socializing, happy community. Online Middle Earth here we come! (:


Welcome dear kinsman, come into my rooms here at Imladris, specially kept for me by our dear Lord Elrond. If you , after I have refreshed you with honey wine , fresh bread with fresh butter and the fruits of the season, care to follow me, I will show you the breathtaking suite of rooms reserved just for you when you come to the last homely home and take your mental and physical rest before resuming your travels.

Both of us being from Lorien, from the land of whispers and ancient things, have much to share and I so welcome a bit of news. I am a very distant cousin of our Lord, but even a drop of blood is sufficient to glue us together in heart and mind. Namarie.

Ah, such a welcoming is a luxury for travelers as myself! The king of the golden halls in Rohan, is hospitable, but more rustic. Gondor believes too much in solemnity and uncomfortable pride. Only in a haven of restoration such as Imladris can hospitality like yours be found.

Dear sister and friend, as you stand there before me, serving me with familiar refreshments I cannot restrain from smiling at your veiled, but earnest, eagerness to hear the tidings of your home. May the truth be told, and not withheld as I relate our Lady's words.

The Forest of Fanghorn has been shoved, pushed, and hoarded farther from its original standing place. Even to the extent that it almost mingles with our grand trees. The great Shepherds are distressed. Hastening is not there way of doing things. So now, on the boarder of Lorien lies a shrunken, barren forest that is forever being attacked. We can do very little in ways of helping and it leaves us filled with sadness.

Now, since I have told you these things, please do take me through this wonderful place and ell me your news. Anything that my Lord and Lady may take interest in. Something to cheer them in this time of bitterness.

This is wonderful, a community for us elves. I feel rather out of place at a hobbit festival or dwarvish tavern. Thank you, Leelee, for bringing a place for us elves.

Though I reside in Rivendell, I once dwelt in Mirkwood, once Greenwood the Great. I sometimes travel there for a while, as I have just returned from doing. What a thing to return to! Good Wen, this news of the ancient Fangorn troubles me. Can there never be a perfect peace? Well, there is always comfort in the company of another elf. I wish you and you're Lord and Lady well, Wen and Leelee or Lothlorien.

Things also are not well in Mirkwood. Evil things gather in the dark. Their presence is looming. There is a shadow gathering there that may well soon burst upon us. If only I needn't carry a blade at my side. I would that we could all be carefree, spend our hours in song and story telling, not in preparations for war.

No battles have broken out yet, and there is still time, but very little. But even now I may rest here in the halls of dear Imladris. Yet there is always that worry.

I send my regards to the Lord and Lady of Lothlorien. Be well. Namarie

Dear Rukain, welcome, welcome.The two of us will wait as you bathe and are refreshed in the room furnished for you is prepared. We of Lothlorien are so blessed to have the love and support of Lord Elrond, his noble sons and the inhabitants of this glorious place. And, although the elves here are somewhat different in their approach to things , living in such a place stimulates thought and brings peace slightly different than that of the golden woods of Lothlorien, still our hearts long for the same things. We desire lofty and noble thought and gentle ways above hilarity and noise and rushing about for the exhileration of rushing about. We tend to have a slight sadness lingering over us as we contemplate what was and the reality of what now is; of the choices we must make shortly-to go on the last great ships of Cirdan the royal shipwright- or stay and face the slow decay of our people without the contacts we had before of the beginnings after our awakening.

Now we three are together . I am grieved at how quickly the news has worsened in the areas of which you speak. Yes and when i was visiting in The Shire but two months past, I noted with quickening distress the number of 'strange' men at the inns, sneaking about in the fields, all up to nothing more than spying for the enemy of us all, Sauron. And too many times the name of the once noble and good Sauruman linked with Sauron. He has betrayed us all and now seeks our demise along with the enemy.

For now we have these blessed sanctuaries that no evil has touched. How long we can keep it that way is a question I have no answer for. Ah there is our summons to the last meal of the day. How fragrant the honey cakes smell, I am hungry. And after the sons of our Lord Elrond have some news and then there is to be a lay by several elves who shared a victory just beyond the Misty Mountains not long ago. I am curious to find out what happened. Come dear kin and let us go to dinner.

Heil to the elves!
Hello, I'm a young elf. I'm from.....what sould I say......I'm an elf who wanders through Middle Earth. I have seen many things. I also have heard about Mirkwood. I have seen the shadow of many evil things in that forest. We all have to be careful. Some time ago I was wandering through the borders of Gondor. There is something wrong there, I could feel it! We have to be careful who we trust. In this time we will found out who our real friends and enemies are!
I'm very glad and I feel honored to may rest here for a while. I can't say how long I will stay here. I've never been on one place for a long time. I hope to find rest here in the beauty of Imladris. I'm tired of wandering. But I may look and sound sweet, and I'm sweet. *smiles* But if there is need for a fighter I will help! I've learn many skils on my journeys.
But for now I will rest.

Welcome young Elf and be refreshed in all things. But why are you a wanderer so young, that is not usual to be with your people and learn Elvencraft and lore and be with family members to learn all the ancient things. Which family line are you and who are your parents, did they die fighting, especially your mother? Please explain.

Welcome to Imladris, young elf! I too and curious as to why you so young are wandering. But first, rest, eat refresh yourself! Take your time. I have heard the news of Mirkwood, and some of Lothlorien from dear Wen, but surely there is more in your knowledge. When you are ready, and not before, I ask you join us in one garden and tell us your tale and the ones you have heard of the world. I am glad of your arriving here, young Arwen, and hope you will stay some while. Even a wanderer cannot say no to a night of tales and songs in the Hall of Fire, can she?

Be well and please tell us your tale when you feel the time is right.

Ah Rukain, your words are like silk and surely bring comfort to our newcomer. How quiet this room is, how beautifully but simply decorated. Everything a work of art. And the sound of the clear water falling down , a great waterfall and ending in the dark cold pool, wonderful. Look out the window friend Elf, see the stars in numbers past comprehending. Such peace here, it almost breaks my heart that all Middle-Earth cannot be at peace, enjoy freedom from slavery, of untimely death and grief. For this little moment of time while we wait for our sojourner I shall drink in the absolute quiet and peace and be content not to say a word.

Yes my family died in battle. Or at least the ones I had to honor met. I had to run away or I would have died as wel. I desided to not grief to much, but to remember them. To go on with live, but always honor them. And I had to carry on to survive. I will always remember my parents. The last thing I saw was my father(he came from Mirkwood) who run into battle. And my mother who looked to him and then turned away. If I think about it I still cry. My mother(who came from Lothlorien) was a lovely elf. Gentle and kind. She was always worried about me and my father. My father was strong in battle but at home he was very kind. "Always thinking before doing" he said to me before I had to ran away.

But now, let us be joyful. Together! I'm glad I finally can talk to you, Leelee. If you wander a lot you hear a lot. And I heard a lot of loving, lovely things about you. I'm sure I will make good friends here. I feel it's good to talk to someone about your feelings. Thank you for listening. I'm tired but I feel relieved to have talked to you. For now I will rest. Feel free to ask something about me. Later I will tell more about what I have seen. And what I know.
P.s. Sorry for my mistakes in English. And sorry for spell mistakes I was typing it on my mobile.

Dear maiden, I feel your pain. The rustling of the leaves stirs as my heart does for your sorrow.

Now, let us laugh as Elven folk are known to do in times when we are among friends. Come! I will lead to the hearth of the great fire inside and we will enjoy each other, and maybe I will summon up a story to tell.

Relax friends.

Thank you all for the warm welcome. Thank you. I will sit by the fire and just laugh and listen to your stories.

(I haven't a real good story line but this is my first roleplay so...I hope I will have some ideas later. I'm not good at writing stories or RP so...)

A sunset valley under a broken bridge,

A single tree on a lofty ridge,

A lonely branch with one drooping leaf,

A lonely warrior bent with sorrow and grief.


Treading wearily over every rock and every stone,

He had not foreseen that he would take this journey alone.

The sight of dead bodies, in his memory would stay,

As they fell, one by one, on the fields they now lay.


Only he would return by the way they had come,

Only he would see again the land they were from,

Only he would resume the life of before,

Only he would again set foot on the shore.


And as he drew near to the sand and the waves,

He came across familiar shelters and caves.

So by the ocean, in one of these,

He let his tears flow, his burden to ease.


But, alas, weeping did not settle his soul,

And the man confined himself to that miserable hole.

Not a syllable, from his parched mouth, issued,

Then he lay down, and let go of all he valued.  


My friends, this is my story, in song form. Sad, yet true. Seldom do elves sing of Men in this way, but once ina while they deserve such a song.

Oh dear Wen it's sad indeed. I feel for you. But it's very good written. Well done. That you can write about those things in a song! Thank you so much for sharing this.

"Only one" Beautiful and achingly sad kinsman. How many of us have had to feel that grief, bear that sorrow. Yet we will persevere and comfort and sustain one another with our lays, with our memories of better times, of the 'glorious ones' we have loved and lost.

Something to cheer you. Our kinswoman Laswen granddaughter of Lord Elrond and married to a noble descendant of Glorfindel has given birth to her first child. After so many years , just like that, she has come into the world. I myself have not seen her, but it is sad that she so resembles Lady Arwen it is uncanny. Her face, ears, nose and mouth and her gentle countenance are exactly Arwen, but her hair is not dark. Neither is it golden like Galadriel our great lady. No it is the color of an autumn leaf, gold and red combined. Though she is only four months she begins to speak, truly she is a gift.

However her mother will be taking the child on the next boat, as an elven child, so rare and fair would be in mortal danger in these times in Middle-Earth. No this little one shall not taste of bitter tears on this soil. Aaah, let us drink a little more and soothe our hearts.


That's lovely news. How beautiful she sounds. May everything go well with her and her familly. It really makes me smile to hear there are still good things on this world. Happy things.

I don't have the time to tell you about my journey now. I'm very tired. But when I feel better, and I think that will not take much time here at this wonderful place of peace, I will tell my story.

I go by the name of Beredras, son of Lebelas, nephew of Legolas. Im new is there any information I can get that will help me in my stay?

Welcome, Beredras. Have you come to us from Mirkwood, perhaps? Well, it matters little here from whence you come! Sit with us by the fire. Rest and be merry, for the time that we can. I hope you enjoy your stay here. Remember, friend, that you are always welcome among the company in Imladris!

Leelee, such news is a great comfort in these times. They are wise to take the child away, but I feel loss at such beauty leaving. Alas, for the times past! The age of the elves is over, there is little left for us. And yet the memories of this Middle-Earth, our Middle- Earth, are enough, for now, to keep me here. While there is still that worth fighting for, and the need is great, I shall remain.

Arwen, feel free to take as much time you feel necessary to rest. And Wen, the song is beautiful, touching and sad. The pain in it is such a thing as no elf, or man, dwarf, or halfling, should ever have to know.

I suppose no time is better than now. I shall tell my tale here, tonight. My life has been yet short, and so my story not so lengthly as many others.

Though I live now here in Rivendell, I once dwelt with my parents and elder brother in Mirkwood forest. My father is related in some(likely distant) way that slips my mind to the elven-king of the forest, Thranduil, and so also to Legolas his son and to you, Beredras. He, being an elven-prince of sorts and been an ambassador and high ranked messanger of the woodelves of Mirkwood, and so traveled much and far(this was before my and my brother's birth). On one such journey to Lothlorien, he met a young elf-maiden named Edhelraen. After meeting her, my father(who is called Feladhas) favored his travels to the Golden Wood more than his others, and often requested especially to be sent there. After time, they both were wed.

My brother Erenwe was born first, and I after. We lived for many years in Mirkwood, long enough for both Erenwe and I to become grown. Then, there began a great unrest. Evil stirred in the wood. Though it ended after not very long, there were many battle with the dark things of the forest, and many attacks made by them on the elven-town. In one such attacks, my mother was slain. After this, my brother and I both took up blades and became skilled in combat. Many battle we fought together. I see him little now.

After the evils of the wood had been defeated (for the time, at least) my father, who's heart was in turmoil at the loss of my mother, left to Rivendell, in the hope that he might find rest from the darkness of the world. He is here still, and had recovered somewhat, but we all, my father, my brother and I, can never forget. Not whether we would have it or not, there is nothing can be done to erase that memory.

Only a small battle it was, now that I know more of such things. But it will ever remain in my mind as the largest, most terrifying battle I have ever seen. Even in Imladris, in the comfort of elven company, in the midst of peace and song. The shadows in the corner always seem bigger than they are.

I still travel, journey to the places I once knew, but I do not wander like my brother. Perhaps he finds comfort on the road; I do not know. I haven't spoken with him in what seems to be a very long time. I know not where he is, or has been. But he must be alive. I know he is, somehow. He is alive, just wandering. It has been said, by one you might have seen here, "Not all those who wander are lost." Yet some who wander may indeed be lost.

I hope that others may come to the safety of Imladris and tell their tales. There is comfort in the company of elves, and in song, and in beauty. Even the silence, the flickering of the fire, hold a peace here. This, the last homely house, is one thing that, while it still stands, I will fight for.

Hello and welcome Beredras, I hope you enjoy your stay here. It would be nice to introduce yourself. Who are you? And who is your RP caracter? If you have any questions about this site just ask the council members: Amarie, Rednell, Leelee, Loss, Valedhelgwath, Taz(the webmaster) and since a short time me also! So just ask! And if you want to talk just send me a PM:-) Hope you like it here.

Arwen *the little (council) elf*

I was born in Lothlorien but then moved to Mirkwood at age 2. My father, Lebelas, was called upon by his cousin Legolas. There were some pressing matters he had to attend like helping Thranduil while Legolas was off to Rivindell. In Mirkwood I grew up and was taught to handle a bow and large elven knives. My brother Elderas was sent to the battle of Hornburg, but when news reached me that Elderas had perished I was devastated and decided to make something of myself. So I set on a secret expedition, secret indeed for I knew my father would not approve of such stupidity, to the Mines of Moria, alongside 20 of my most trusted elves, to retaliate myself and my brother. For 4 nights and 3 days we journeed through Moria. Oh what dreadfull days those were! On the fourth night we found Orcs that my blood thirsty-self was foolishly seeking. They exceeded us greatly in number. We held our ground for long hours. But alas my elves were slain. But the Orcs knew not that I remained alive, with a mighty wound in my ribs that would´ve skewered a Warg. For hours I lay in the great Dwarven chamber unable to move without bringing pain to myself. At last I finally got the strength after hours to walk my way through Moria. Like a walking corps I finally found the way out. I walked for cold leagues weaker each step I took until I collapsed prepared to embrace cold death. When I came to, I was in a warm bed in a generous mans home. I recovered there for 3 weeks until I got my full strength back. On the last day I thanked him and departed knowing that I know did not seek retaliation, but peace, comfort, and wisdom. For days I traveled and finally arrived here much satisfied by your hospitality.

Well that tale has caused me to shed many tears. Welcome Beredras and know that you are heart of our hearts and we hold out the arms of love and protection to you. I know Elrond would gladly have you here, or if you wish you might accompany those of us who are from Lothlorien to our home and stay and be part of us. If you will not know that any time you show up for a visit at either of the gentle places a room will be waiting for you. I can say this to you because Lord Elrond has said so and I know the heart of my own people. Now rest, eat, bathe and change and come and let us take counsel in Elrond's quarters along with his noble sons.

Many thanks again for your great hospitality. You speak of travelling to Lothlorien with you. How is that?

Thank you, Beredras, for sharing your tale with us. It makes me ever the more glad of your finding us here. Please, rest here as long as you wish, and I sincerely hope you find peace and rest here. You are always welcome.


Thank you Rukain for your warm welcome. It´s nice to see such a nice community!

Wen, what a beautiful poem. The last 2 parts are wonderful and said too much with just words... Unbelievable! My bow to your work!

haha, thanks Elbereth! I take that complement to heart.

I write poems more seldom than I wish, but once in a while something bubbles out of me Smile Smilie The strange thing about this poem was that I was in a very happy mood when I wrote it, but it is a very sad poem....strange.


I notice that this thread ended quickly like many others. It´s sad because (like many others) it is a fun one but it ends quickly.

Hello Beredras, yes it's true many threads end to fast. So if you see a thread you like, but were isn't posted for a long time, just post there, join the conversation.

I think I will post here something later today. ;-)

Awesome, Arwen!! Smile Smilie

As I told. I am(or atleast I was) a wanderig elf. I have walked thought almost every place in Middle-Earth. Some places where great, good an joyful. Others where dark, scary and unfriendly. I will tell a bit about both.

First one of the darkes places. Far in the dark places at the border of Mordor lays a big swamp. Not a place you go to for fun. But because the orks where hunting everyone the could find I had to hide me. And the I could go to was the swamp. After being lost in less than a day. I became restless. I dwelt there for more than a month. After I found a smal village where I could stay. The men who lived there were very nice and they helped me a lot. But than came that horible day. It was winter, the days where cold as stone. And then suddenly we heard someone screaming. The orks found us and where killing everyone they saw. I didn't want to go away leaving them. So I fight there along side the other people. I learned many skils so I could stand in battle. But then at the moment I looked around I saw the person who has been a good friend thought my stay, laying on the ground. He wasn't moving. I ran to him, talked to him and I cried. He was death. But it gave me the strangt to fight on. Knowing there was still something to fight for: revenge on the death of my friend. And all the others. But we couldn't helt stand. And the people who survived had to ran away. It wasn't save anymore. So I had to travel further and further, away from the things I had seen. I'm not sure why there were so many orks. But I guess it was because he wanted war, a great war.

Remember this was from some time ago. But this kind of things still happen. And sometimes even worser than before. They burn villages and kill innocent people, man and elf.

But after bad things there always hapens something good.

I was walking thought Rohan when I saw a horse. A beautiful darkbrown-black horse. It was standing there, looking around. Without a saddle. I walked to the horse. I was tired and walking was painful. So I rode the horse for a long time. Until I came in Mirkwood. There I had to leave the horse. But it was a good friend. It isn't always bad to leave your friends. Sometimes you have to leave your friends, but that doesn't mean you lose them. After my adventure in Mirkwood I was walking again. I felt better because at the southern borders of Mirkwood it was still save. So I had time to rest. But when I came back from Mirkwood I saw that horse again. It walked to me, stood before me and then it looked to me. It was really like he understood me. He was a friend, I had to leave him but after a long time I found him again, and he was still a real friend, always there to help.
Everything has a reason even if you don't know it yet. I was sure there was a good reason why I found that horse again, although I wasn't sure about what reason when I first saw him again. But everything happens with a reason, also friendship! I will tell more tomorrow. It's late already and I need to sleep now.
(P.s. Sorry for my mistakes in English, I hope it's clear enough to understand)

Rest, friend. It sorrows me to hear of such monstrosities in the world. Indeed as you have guessed, there is even worse than this. We have all seen it. Felt it. And still do. And yet one friend in the midst of it all is a refuge to match our own Imladris. And Arwen, you display great wisdom.

Everything has a reason, even if you don't know it yet.

If only everyone knew this. Much that has happened may have been different. I look forward to the continuation of your tale. Be well,


Dear Arwen it saddens me to hear your tale. But after the worst things can only get better. So be merry, rest , and enjoy. It cant get much better than this. I have already told my tale, so I wont retell it. But Arwen, friend, may Eru guide you.

hello I'm a young hobbit and i have been to the land of men and bandits hurt me what shall i do?

Hello Myqwertyguy1(funny usernameSmile Smilie ),

Welcome to this wonderful place. Please tell a bit about yourself at the "new members" thread under "introduce yourself". That would be nice.

And please tell a bit more about your caracter. What happened?

Enjoy your stay,

Arwen *the little elf*

Hello, young hobbit, and welcome to our refuge. Please, take time as needed. There is safety here. Tell us, if you will, of your journeys. What hobbit would be gone to the land of men? What buisness could you have there that has put you in danger. All in your time. Be well,