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So since it's been there for at least a year, this thread concerns the poll question. Who did you choose and why?? I voted Feanor. I feel like there was so much more going on in his head than we can know or appreciate. His intentions were ultimately good, they just spiraled out of his control. He wanted a life for his family. If it weren't for Feanor, we wouldn't have half the stories we do, including ones for the better. Nobody who is inherently violent and mad could create something as beautiful as a Silmaril. I do think he lost it in the end, but even during the burning of the ships, he didn't WANT it to happen that way. Not at all saying what he did was right, but I do think he's say the least.
The question regarding Feanor is huge and deep and has been argued back and fourth elsewhere on PT. In my mind Feanor was some how affected or afflicted by evil very early on, perhaps even before his birth. I have a suspicion that Tolkien uses Feanor and his traumatic birth as a sign to show that even in a place like Valinor, Evil can make a play and can effect the lives of many from a very small beginning. There is of course absolutely no evedence from JRRT regarding this.

Oh definitely, and I've taken place in a few of them. So I don't think there's any question he's incredibly misunderstood...

Though I made this thread because I'd like to hear other people's opinions on why who they chose is MORE misunderstood than, say, Feanor or Bombadil...

Indeed Balrogs.

Another hugely misunderstood character is about to be seen on film. Beorn the skin changer. What is his history? Why does he have a seemly nature based supernatural power? Who or what gave it (or inflicted) to him? Is it a curse to him or a blessing?

People tend to be hard on Feanor, when he was just a few that had "the curse of Aule" , the lust for creation ending in betrayal. All of whom was in relation of Aule in one way or another.

1. Aule: created the dwarves, therefore betrayed Eru and Yavanna.

2. Sauron: created the One Ring, even though his betrayal of the Valar was before he created the ring.

3. Feanor: created the Silmarils, resulting in the kinslaying.

4. Celebrimbor: created the rings of power, although didn't betrayed intentionally, the end results were the same. Was tortured and revealed the location of the rings, resulting in the death of many

5. Sauruman: created machines of war, betraying Fangorn Forest by burning it down. wanting to create order upon middle earth under his rule, betrayed the white council


I made up the curse of course but I always thought it was interesting about their connections.