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Hello mate's! Which one of you want's one of 'em Rings? One of the seven Darf rings, the Human rings or the Elf rings? I would like to have an Elf ring, Elronds ring. Elf Smilie

I would like to own Gandalf's ring .but in real life I am the proud owner of Nenya


About how they look, I would like an elvish ring(I'm a little elf after all). But about the power they have I don't want such a ring. I'm not worthy such power.

I would luv the 1 ring but i would give it back

I'm not a big fan of jewelry and I'd make myself insane by loosing one of those Rings, so I wouldn't risk it Wink Smilie

I'd love to see how looked the rest of the Rings - I mean design wise. How they would differ from the three Elvish rings.

Dwarven rings drove them mad with Greed.

The rings for Men created Wraiths who's lives would be unbearable.

The One Ring. Really only usefull to Sauron.

So it would have to be one of the Elven rings. Would mind which really as their power differed depending on the Wearer or Bearer.

Brego likely means that the One wasn't useful to others because employing it would only lead to another bad guy. So just to add (that is, the following is not a 'correction' of anything anyone has posted)...

 '...  he was not 'diminished'. Unless some other seized it and became possessed of it. If that happened, the new possessor could (if sufficiently strong and heroic by nature) challenge Sauron, become master of all that he had learned or done since the making of the One Ring, and so overthrow him and usurp his place. This was the essential weakness he had introduced into his situation in his effort (largely unsuccessful) to enslave the Elves, and in his desire to establish a control over the minds and wills of his servants.'

JRRT, 1951, to M. Waldman

I'm pretty sure someone in the film Council of Elrond states (something like) we cannot wield it, none of us can (again, possibly not a direct quote), although the filmmakers do show the temptation of Galadriel in any case, and maybe they explain things elsewhere too.

So this is not a film bash but just in case there is any confusion, in Tolkien's world Sauron's enemies could make use of the One.

I wouldn't even consider having the One Ring, since it's nature is purely evil. Yes, the power is amazing, but it's also very scary thing to have. You know, "power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely.

I'm pretty sure someone in the film Council of Elrond states (something like) we cannot wield it, none of us can (again, possibly not a direct quote)

That's correct. I believe it is Gandalf who says that "We cannot use it", when he reactes to the words of Boromir, that the One Ring is "a gift". Oh well, I saw the movies was too many times! ;p

that is, the following is not a 'correction' of anything anyone has posted

Haha, Galin, you seem to be aware of how your wide knowledge can scare off other posters! Smile Smilie I love that Smile Smilie

That's the last thing I want Indis (for anyone not to post). I love posting about Tolkien because it's Tolkien, and I don't engage in a lot of other types of things, like fan fiction or games (nothing wrong with those of course)...

... so sometimes I just pick up on something (even admittedly sometimes a pedantic detail) so I can blather about it. It's fun if the 'blather' is about the Master and his amazing world!

Smile Smilie

Yes, I know, Galin. There's nothing wrong with your posts, they are just highly complex for me most of the time.  Which is fun. I love how the perception of Tolkien's world differs form one reader to another. It's beautiful. And the discussions here are much more interesting this way.

I'm not a big fan of fanfiction myself. Just not my cup of tea. I like the games though - they help me remember the names  I wish I had a memory that would accomodate all of them, but it's just not going to happen. So I really need your posts! Wink Smilie

Thanks Indis! And by the way, I recently read an old post of mine and I had trouble figuring out what the heck I meant. I'm not always clear even if I go on a bit trying to be clear!

Anyway back to rings and things! 

Yes, as I said The One Ring was useless to all but Sauron. I should clarify that it can only be used to overcome the wills and freedom of others. The power it holds will undo any idea of good one holds in their heart. Galadrial and Gandalf both knew this. Only those who wished to dominate others by force would think that The One Ring was useful to them, but even these deluded souls would eventually find that The Ring itself would simply dominate them, and they would no longer be themselves and free, only a vessel to carry The Ring and therefore for Sauron himself. In other words useless.

we cannot wield it, none of us can

I believe it was Aragorn who said that in the movie.

I think if Men were to have the 7, eventually they would also turned to wraith. Dwarves were just too hardy for Sauron to enslave them directly.

I wonder how powerful Melkor would be if he was to put the one ring on.

I would like to one day own all 20 rings of the film replicas. They are all too expensive though.

Aahh Glofindel yes would be nice. I however would like you own Narsil.