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Hello guys, just wonder what YOU think Arda looks like from their nearest moon, or is there one.....? Is Arda a planet, or what, because I just don't get it. Elf Confused Smilie

Hi Funny Hobbit.  You should read the Silmarillion as it predates and tells of the history and creation of Arda


Spoiler for you below if you want it.....






Arda is Earth many thousands of years ago.  The region is roughly Western Europe.

Don't confuse him now!! There are undoubtedly a few writings that say ME transformed into what we know as Western Europe....But this isn't a "definitive" thing. Though you can look at the geography and clearly see similarities. Some of those writings say we're living in the Fourth Age right now!

Thats true Balrogs, lets say Eurpoe in general.....or Gondwana!  lol

Then we will be living in the 5th age very soon, because some countries are alredy going together and will soon become one.

Through mythology, Numenor will be considered as Atlantis.
Indeed Glorfinfel. One of Numernor's names is Atalanta.
Oh, Atlanta. Such a great legend(myth). Smile Smilie