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Hey!, I just introduced myself and I'm trying to find an appropriate place to post this. Smile Smilie I hope this forum is the right place! Greetings from the Middle-Earth DEM Project- we're a non-commerical project with the aims to build a 3D Middle-Earth. We've just released a demo so I thought I'd give you the heads-up if you good folk wanted to try it out and have some funz. The demo consists of a FREE interactive Middle-Earth world viewer as seen in the linked video. Video ------------------- Instructions 1. Download and install the FREE Anteworld demo; the Outerra planet renderer. Anteworld!nBMznISQ!UZjmimI4UFcy01Eob1SXDkN5sGldSjune7dW8HWK7_s (Mega) (Gamefront) (Google Drive) Then... 2. Download and install the FREE ME-DEM dataset. ME-DEM Dataset-1.0.exe (Mega)!eIUGzIzb!JlqmnViamoVvg264039tcFtAYPV1dkBZeQEmKJh_byc ME-DEM Dataset-1.0.exe (Google Drive) At the login screen, select the Middle-Earth (medem) demo from the menu. It's that easy. ----------------------- At the moment we're using the vanilla Earth enviroment. Hence the snow in Mordor! eek! :-D The enviroment is currently being developed. That will introduce a complete array of ecosystems for the planet, both textures and vegetation. If you want to take a further look- ME-DEM: Best Regards and may the road go ever on, monks

Sounds very interesting. I'll take a look when I have more time.

Also, I'd like to add that if you like doing this project I suggest finding the infamous map which shows at least 2 new continents never mentioned in the official works of Tolkien. I do not remember whether or not they are fan fiction or created by Tolkien himself. With that map I believe that you could construct the planet of Arda more accurately since it leaves enough room in between the south of middle earth and the south pole (There won't be any snow in Mordor then )


Very interesting project.

EDIT: Okay, I looked over your site. My eyes caught on the undersea terrain mentioned. Please remember to add Gondolin!

Hey Arath, thanks for looking over the project. Smile Smilie Yes, the map was drawn by Tolkien and appeared in one of the HoME volumes. It was drawn pretty early on I seem to remember before he'd more fully developed his ideas, but yes I think it offers a good starting point for expanding the n-w area in the maps. It'd be possible to extend the map that we've got, to the east and south incorporating the rest of the land masses. That'd be sweet.
 There is snow in Mordor not because of the positioning of the terrain on the globe but because biomes are still in development for the renderer, Outerra. At the moment only has one "temperate" biome which covers the entire planet- so it's rendering snow. Biomes will bring online all Earth biomes plus the possibility of user-defined biomes and textures for other worldly places like Mordor.
 Ah yes, bathymetry :-D...that's something we need to fill in the detail a bit more. What's there at the moment is basic. I did include the Beleriand map as a reference for the off-coast area so it might be possible to get the undersea ruins of Gondolin in there- not sure if they lie off the map extents or not...? Would be really cool to come across the ancient city sunk beneath the waves...thanks for the feedback...hope you got chance to try out the demo!