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Hello There I wonder if any members here could help me. I am sculpting a licensed range of scenic collectables, a bit like the Weta enviroments. I would really value any feed back as to what you think of them, good bad and ugly! Also any suggestions for new subjects, things you may have always wanted to see in miniature, but thought no one would be bothered to produce. you can see the first release on our new site Thank you for your time Colin

i have seen your website and love your works of art! they are definitely LOTR items that  i would want to buy!

Those are nice pieces of work. As for the future, I would like to see the White Tree of Gondor in the court of Minas Tirith.

What about Gothmog,the commander of Morgul!Welcome byrthnoth!Please message me whenerver you want!

To an accurate Gothmog, one would have to sculpt him in full armor. There aren't enough information about him to say which race he belongs to.

mutant vegtable race?indecision

Mutant vegetable race? No, Gothmog isn't an Ent.