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Hey guys! I am a huge Tolkien fan and have always loved the books and movies! I am a film student in my last year of collage and for my graduation project I'm making a short film about Tolkien! This is a student film project about J.R.R. Tolkien's journey to beginning his first book "The Hobbit." But before he can bring the world of Middle-Earth to life he must overcome the trauma of fighting in WWI and find his voice again. Tolkien's imagination comes to life everywhere he looks in the form of Elves, Dwarves and Dragons. But it is when he meets the Hobbit that he is transported on a journey of self discovery which will change himself and the world of literature forever. If this sounds like something you want to see then like our Facebook and follow us on Twitter!

Sounds cool. I hope that you don't make it so that Middle-Earth and its wars is an allegory to Europe and its wars (With Hitler as Sauron or Morgoth), because Tolkien despised allegory and I really hate it when the people who are educated about Tolkiens writings tell others that it was just a giant allegory. I hope your teacher likes it.


Don't worry, I am well aware of Tolkien's disdain for allegory and I can assure you that "Tolkien's Road" will not attempt to link the events of WWI with Middle-Earth in anyway other then through Tolkien's own experiences of the horrors of war. What we want to explore through the film is how Tolkien saw the world through his incredible imagination and how the loss of his friends in the war affected him.  

Fantastic and magical things will happen all around Tolkien throughout the events of the story and it will be up to the viewer to decide if it is real or simply imaginary. Or if there is really a difference between the two at all...

sounds great! Whenever I see someone do something about Tolkien that is intended for people who have not read his books that is the first thing I want to know. Good luck.