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so, i have ran across a 4 book set of Tolkien's works. the set includes The Hobbit and the LotR trilogy. according to my friend, this is the 2nd pressing/edition/printing, whatever you prefer, and the manufacturing date is in the 70's. i forget the exact date and am currently at work so i will provide that once i'm home, as well as some pictures, if possible. for being 40+/- years old, the collection is in great shape. the slip-in box the books are in is slightly rounding, and the plastic coating is peeling a bit. the spines of the books are in fair shape, but the ones that are the worst are obviously The Hobbit and Fellowship due to the likelihood of them being read the most often by new readers to the series. the pages are turning yellow, but this is inevitable. otherwise, i see no dents, bangs, or tears. there seems to be no significant damage other than signs of use and age. the collection is entirely gold. it is EXACTLY like the set shown in this auction: the set i have shows more use on the spines, but is in much better shape as far as dings and damage of hat nature, as well as clean. the book in the set shown in the auction look filthy, as if they were stored in a place with moisture. all of that said, i'm just trying to get a ball park idea of the value. that is the most similar set i can find to the one i have on ebay, and sets at $75. though, imo, it is in a bit worse shape, but it is the 1st edition. whether this means first printing, i don't know, but i definitely have the same set. could i possibly have the second printing of the 1st edition, meaning mine is of similar value? if anyone has any idea of the value, please share. i appreciate the help and will b back to provide a date and hopefully pics. thank you!

Ebay isn't really a good place to check for prices. Go on google and search for tolkienbookshelf. There is one that I saw there that looks like the one you posted. I think it's going for around $70.


Something interesting:

This is the most expensive book.

"The Hobbit, or There and Back Again, by J.R.R. Tolkien. First Edition, First Impression"

This book is going for $42,000.