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Men, Elves, dwarves and hobbits, and I can't forget the Uruks. Sadly this is the time, the time in which I sail from this Planet. I much regret leaving here, I may never get the chance to browse through Grondmaster's old forums or post myself. Maybe never to chat with the jolly Gror again. I depart around eight days, that is the expected time. It's been such a pleasure messaging, chatting, and messing around with all of you. You will never know how much of a honor it was to be amongst fellow fans, and hopefully I will return sometime in the future. I will be able, at limited times, to still be on here for the present. First of all: To the most sadistic, cynical, elf with a heart of gold, Curufinwe, he changed my course with his words here that only he and I could know.To Gwindor of Nargothrond, who was my guide and a wonderful fellow. Then, of course Taz, for creating this website and de-banning me:] To Arwen Undomiel, who became one of my best of friends here, who was a compassionate Evenstar that will not fade. Gror, that lovable, understanding fellow Aussie who was a dwarf even the most arrogant elf could befriend. Balrog's, the friendly Balrog who was a pleasure to chat with. Glorfindel, whose wise words which only his brains exceeded in. And to, Galin, Brego, Indis, Gothmog of Angband, Zodiac, and others who I may have forgotten. Then, In a class of her by herself, Missy. Nirwen, who was loads of fun and a trusty loyal, chapess anyone could ask for. It was to short of a time know such a admirable, Tauriel like elven princess like her, Nirwen. Crikey, I almost forgot the dearest dragon poet of the age, Oerath Windsoul. This bard was a wonderful, understanding person who had a excellent taste of music. Oerath, was a fellow with wisdom, perseverance, and a golden mouth of a Poet worthy to be remembered next to Longfellow. Alas! I hope in future, it might be in years, I will be able to return to you. Namarie to Cur, Arwen, Gror, Oerath, and especially Missy. Namarie, Amras. ps. I might be able to post a few more times.

This was so unexpected. So, you're saying that this site is going to lose it's Sherlock; Batman; The Mystery Disappearer that is Amras? ;/

I am not good at throwing in farewells..

So, and yeah, 'The Dragon Poet of Ages Old' should be my next working entitle.

Actually, now it's definitely going to be.

For.. Behold.


Always remember the dragon poet of ages old

He, who never felt any warmth, whose soul was that of ice cold

None truly knows, where he journeys forth, how his mysterious life unfolds

But we remember him from healing of the worlds; the dragon flights and burning nights

His war drumming; silent hymning. The wilderness is his home, there even the daylight answers to his call

And he shall remember the one, they call Amras. He, who holds wisdom from the realms beyond

He shall uphold his legend and deeds heroic, and spread the word about his many stories yet untold


Farewell, Amras. And one day, may you return back to us. It's been fun, it was good to get to talk with ya. You'll be missed.

'But may your paths be green and the breeze on thy back. Through golden valleys full of crystal clear lakes and magical forests, you ride on without rest.. Never looking back.'


- Oerath Windsoul.

  Amras!  Imagine my surprise when I saw the new post that said "Farewell to Planet Tolkien'!  My first thought was, I wonder who it could be?  And I definitely wouldn't have imagined it to be you, but . . . as our dear Batman/Sherlock/Davie is leaving, I for one - and apparently Oerath too - must give you a proper send-off.  Although I have no idea what exactly a proper send-off is, I will try my best. 

  You are like the rock (funny considering you enjoy surfing) on here.  Between Cur's sadistic streak, Gror's hilariousness (I don't know any other way to describe it), Oerath's seriousness, my own weirdness, Taz and Arwen's helpfulness, and the apparently genius Glorfindel I have never had the pleasure of meeting myself, you are the center of the storm.  There is no way I can describe all the elements of your character I have discovered while here; you are a practical person at one moments, the next an amusing jokester.  I just can't describe it.

  You are the one responsible for my decision to join PT.  When I first found this website, you were on here and chatted with me, firming my choice to create an account and add my opinion to the discussions and threads.  You were also the one that made up my mind to get the Silmarillion and read it; I am halfway through now thanks to you.  And so many more things I can't even name them all!

  I will deeply regret not having you on here with a witty reply to something one of us say, or having a perfect answer to a thread post, or just chatting about nothing in particular ("nothing in particular" meaning code for Tauriel;-).  We will try and keep this site working while you're gone, but we might fail, so don't be surprised if you pop back in five years from now and find a big frowny face in place of the front page ;-D

  Thank you so much for the kind words on one of your last post; I couldn't believe I had made an impact in the few months I've been on here.  When you revealed your Land of the Lion story, I couldn't help but go "Wow!  I didn't know he was a writer!"  You have a natural knack for storytelling, and it makes would make history incredibly interesting to listen to.  You will make an amazing history professer.

  And so, Amras, for the first and last time, I say, 'Savo 'lass a lalaith,'  'No veren,' and 'Novaer' (Sindarin).  Farewell, our Aussie, surfing, phone-lugging, mysteriously-disappearing, hilarious, Faramir-look-alike, Tauriel-crazed fan, and absolutely amazing Amras.  I hope you come back someday soon.  Namarie,

Nirwen Celemirsel

I've never been good at goodbyes, usually I just wave at people and say "see you later" or occasionally "bye". If I do that now, though, it will only serve to cause you pain both unnecessary and useless. Despite what you may have said about me being sadistic, I don't wish you pain unless it serves to achieve some slightly higher purpose, and any which I have inflicted upon you has been so that when I finally say something important, something which must certainly be true and thus will probably be nice, it truly means something.

And so, all I can say is: Farewell, wherever you fare, till your eyries receive you at the journey's end; and when they do receive you, may the wind under your wings bear you where the sun sails and the moon walks.


My many real thanks to Otto, that was really beautiful goodbye poem, I could never do that... and that is a complement. Curufinwe, haven't changed and I hope you never do! The Planet needs the sourest, sweet person on it. Missy, wow... that was really wonderfully sweet of you. And believe me, if you can, hahaha, I will severely miss our chats and argues about my Silvan elf. And you HAVE made a big impression on me, and a truly splendid one mate! And I was holding back... you finally found my element. Thankyou, dearest missy. Guys' and missy: i Will miss you very much indeed, and I hope you will still be here if I return. Nirwen, best of luck, and I will come back with that degree and in the robes, well you know what i mean:], of a professor of History. You may think I will forget about this place,.. but I promise seriously, that I will return and I won't lose you guys or missy.

You can count on us all being here upon your glorious return. Right, folks? Smile Smilie

Anyway, I'm glad you liked of it. It was a short call; short poetry, but I thought that there couldn't be a truer way for me to wave goodbyes to anyone. It had to be done by the writer me.

I guess there's nothing more to say, 'cause to say farewell twice sucks.

Oerath bows and leaves the hall.

For this is one of my favorite quote, I'll leave this for you. "All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us." - J. R. R. Tolkien

Short, yet a magnificent farewell quote, Glorfindel.

Well, here is the gist, I think that I presented myself poorly. On August 25, I have a life- endangering operation that could wind me up in a coma or dead. This has to happen or I will probably succumb to disease before the year is done. The doctor said I have a 62% percent chance of not coming out of it. If I do come out, I will be going to an advanced college to smarten my writing skills and English writing before ...Times will be difficult,... but just telling you guys what i should of said earlier. Farewell, AMRAS

Trying to understand, having the operation results in a 38% chance of recovery and a 62% chance of either death or a coma? Or is it a chance of either death or coma, and if it is a coma, then there is a 62% chance to come out? What is the disease, and how long have you had it? If you do go into a coma, what are your odds of ever coming out?

I just sat trying to figure out any other way to say what I just said, and I ended up realizing what I wanted to say when I clicked Reply in Thread. Amras, don't die.

Well.  There's nothing anyone could really say to that, and you couldn't do anything about it.  But I can.  I will be praying for you, and my family, and my friends - everyone I know.  For as long as it takes.

This song doesn't really apply, but I was reading your post at the same time while listening to it for the first time.  Maybe it's because I'm a girl, but the combination made me cry.  (Never listened to any of the artist's other songs, so I don't know if they're any good).  The voice and music . . . just amazing.  I wish I could come up with an inspiring poem or something, but I'm just no good at that.  What I am good at . . . praying, and that, dear Amras, I will do.  So here's this song that made me cry.  To an incredible friend:  And it's kind of how I feel also. 


Nirwen Celemirsel

Everyone, I have a brain tumour in my head, it's been sitting in my head for ages and It has well... I am not a medical genius, but It is in a really advanced stage. And their are a lot more other symptoms that come with it, such as stuff to do with blood... I am not a medical brain like I have already said. To Cur: I mean coma and death is practically the same thing, but I meant to say 62% of death. I am so afraid. To the most admirable and loving Missy: Time, I probably have very little time left, but I will not forget my lifelong goal. What I need the most, is the thing that matters the most, prayers. It touched my heart when you said that, truly it did. The Song... What is beyond the firmament, or the wells in which time is measured, it was beyond beautiful, it is encouraging, to see you and others pitying me, but Nirwen, I will not be deep or boring but, I thought I had everything I could of possibly wanted, Looks, Personality[ judged only by friends] and compassion, compassion, I worked so very long and strenuously for that,,.. and now, it means nothing, but what you have said boosts my spirit a little higher, for I am so very afraid of what awaits me, so afraid. You are Bubbly, Brighter than the Sun and Just Because of You, I Realize, and I am better prepared, for I am bitterly in grief, thankyou Missy.

What you're saying sounds very serious, and man, a 38% chance of success. It seems that like Nirwen, I too will have to pray for you, though I've never done that. Well, I guess there's always the first time.

May the Mother Earth guide your spirit, and walk with you during these rough times. May she bless you with a gift to stop your tumor's growth, remove it, and if it be her wish, give you wings, so that you may take flight and go on to search for a land, of which evergreen nature, beauty and richness in landscapes, rivers and lakes - would indeed give the energy of life itself back to you.

Just something nature-ish. I trust Her to keep you safe.

I truly hope the operation will go well, and you'll return back safely in time.

I know you'll make it. You'll make it, man!

With best wishes and regards.

- Oerath Windsoul, The Dragon Poet.

Amras, I'm glad you liked it.  I hope it helped a bit.  I believe you will defeat this; the greater the obstacle, the more glory in overcoming it.  Just imagine how impressed Tauriel will be when you tell her this story!  Also myself ;-)    I know death is a very serious thing, dear Amras, but I thought I would appreciate some small humor if the odds were not in my favor.  So I thought to cheer you up some.  Please tell me if I'm wrong.

Here's something; the most hilariously annoying song ever.   Please don't throw something at me for giving you the link to this - Ahh! - annoying song! ;-D  Namarie,

Nirwen Celemirsel

Oerath, I can promise you that I am not going down without a ell of a fight. Besides, my family tree never did, but that is a much different story. Ah ! You know what, some of you fellows and lasses might want to lookup: the Battle of Arnhem, and then you'll understand me more perfectly. And yes Daechir, I consider you a honorable chap:] To Nirwen, I hope I didn't offend you by saying a bunch of random Colbie Caillat song titles out there, but it came to my mind and plus, for some reason, you kind of remind me of you in those songs, and I hope all is well. Their comes a time when a good mosquito like annoyance comes into your life, and I don't mean siblings. This song was hilarious but failed to get under my thick skin. :] I am too soft and weak when it comes to a beautiful voiced angel singing, then I burst out in a torrent of tears. Thank's Missy, and Dp, by the way Dp means Dragon Poet.
Dearest Nirwen, since it is nearly impossible to send you a flippi'n message, I tried six times today, I just want to know if I could put it somewhere here, of course in my desperate situation the position in untenable and I must ask you If you could say yes. In order for privacy sake please don't look at it if it is on the journal list, right guys? Trusting you mates understand, this is a message to Nirwen except it is elsewhere. Please answer as soon as you can, Amras

(I am totally copying what Taz said here;-).  Amras, did you remember to put the title on the message?  if you did, and it's still not working . . . well, wink.   If you still can't do it by tomorrow morning, I will send you a message (since mine apparently still get through) with alternate contact details.  Like, I'll find another website where people can message each other.

Oh, and a suggestion to all people who are frustrated with their tablets and/or computers: Don't throw them across the room ;-D  Or hit them.  It might make you feel better (which it did for me), but it'll hurt your hand in the latter idea, wreck the device in the former.  Namarie,

Nirwen Celemirsel

P.S.   The second paragraph was a method known as reverse psychology, because I am secretely evil and want to see you think I'm absolutely wrong and throw them across the room or hurt yourself by hitting the device 

I am using titles for my messages, and thus the problem is most likely my system or yours. Believe me Missy, I have thrown my phone! Hahaha, your evil genius and criminal mastermind is only exceeded by your humor.

Amras!! No!! Tell me this isn't so! This is so, so very unfortunate. You were such a shining example of not only a great person, but something even more rare, the perfect forum poster: Welcoming, warm, courteous, open, funny, articulate.....and just plain nice. I appreciated you tremendously dear Amras, I can promise you'll be sorely missed, and not only here but in my heart as well. I'll especially miss our random Tolkien themed jokes and names, good times.

It's so great to meet a genuinely good person, you're an inspiration for that alone. Just remember, no matter where you find yourself, no matter where you've been led, you'll always have a family here at Planet Tolkien, my friend.

Uh.... what he said

Thanks Balrog's, truly nice words. Alas, it is true, I have the operation on Monday at 9;00 am, But, Thanks.

Anytime, friend. Like I said, no matter where you end up, what light you wake up to, you'll always have a home here on this planet.

You played a major role in the history of PT, you will always live on.

And remember, all hope is not yet lost! Hang in there Amras, we're all rooting for you.

Amras the mighty, strong and devout.

I am sorry that this message may come too late. I am sorry too that I have not spent as much time on this site as I would like. I implore you for forgiveness against any anger or dissatisfaction I have made you feel. Know however that you are a soul in a million, made of a purer mithril than any dwarf could strike with a pick or humble in a piece of jewelry to be worn as a trifle. You were one of the backbones of this site, and without your presence we will go through darker days. But I believe that God knows what he wishes of you, and I am sure he will come to the best resolve for all.

Know that you are a fantastic, inspiring, knowledgeable man whom we all loved blush . A love that surely differed  from each of us, but a love none the less. I am humbled by your fine words, words too kind for a certain dwarf.

With love and God's blessing,

                                                      Gror Falkbeard,

                                                                                  A very grateful dwarf.

Gror, prayers are never too late my friend! Thanks man, that was really nice of ya. Everyone, I wish you all a fond farewell. It's been a blast and a half and all of you have been such good fellows. I only wish I had big enough arms to hug you all. I might come back... who knows if I survive. But goodbye, and keep thr planet alive until I return, Namarie.

When I first saw this thread title I thought someone was leaving Planet Tolkien, for any number of reasons -- but not because of something like this!

It seems you have already taken on the fight Amras, but I'll add my prayer for you.

My prayers are with you, Amras and my hope is that your surgery was a success and you are recovering. Please come back to us soon. 

Though I'm not often on these boards, I've been a member for a while now, and came today by chance ("if chance you call it", as Bombadil might say), and find a stranger but yet a fellow planet-tolkeinite (what exactly do we call ourselves? I'm not here often enough to even know that) in need of prayer. Perhaps we are all "here chance as it may seem" (and that's as Elrond might say, I think). In any case I will pray, for that seems the best course of action now:

To God, King of the Universe, Great Physician, and loving Father: Bless, bless Amras & family & friends & neighbors & doctors & medical staff & all else who may be involved in caring - bless them with your comfort & the peace that passes understanding, & your presence & your love & your healing power: physical, mental & spiritual healing together. Strengthen them for the trial at hand, providing all they need to come through it, in the name of Jesus, Amen.

You mates might wan't to debunk.

I'm not going to say goodbye, because, I've said it before and then I had to un-ban you and welcome you back  – so instead, good luck with the operation and I'll be waiting here to welcome you back once more.

I am alive and well! Happily! But school is vigorous and time is so precious.

See I knew you'd be coming back! Glad you're well Amras...

God be praised, I knew he'd be with you! blush

Glad to hear it!

Amras, I don't know what else to say than that it's good to know that you're alive and well. Now, hurry back to posting your crazy things.. Ya youngster. ^^

Happy to hear you beat the odds, Amras! 


Namarie dear Am. As for others, I will ne busy praying for you and lighting candles