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didn't even know there was a fan fiction section...I'll go check it out though... Smile Smilie
(umm...hey, anybody...where's the fan fiction section? I can't find it...)
Me either Sad Smilie and I want to read the story!!!
Still no fan-fiction section last I checked. Where is it?
Taz may have put the fan-fiction section in storage due to the bandwidth problem, I'm just guessing here; though, I'm sure it had nothing to do with Allyssa's story. Smile Smilie

You might ask him when it will be back, via a personal postBody, Allyssa or any one else.
I was sure there was a fan-fiction place somewhere, cos I've seen it already, but now it's gone apparently. Sad Smilie Would love to read the story though. Smile Smilie
My printer's gone arse shaped, but I'm going to try and print it again in a mo, hopefully I can finally read it then. Looks great though. Smile Smilie
Very cool, Allyssa Big Smile Smilie

It's posted twice, which confused me a bit...but elsewise, great Smile Smilie
Hi people

For where to find it... see above, although Taz assures me it will be easier for all travellers to find soon.

I am currently still working on the Orc Love Story. It's hard to find an angle for that one, and I find it hard to write Tolkien-fic because his characters are not mine and I feel I don't know them well enough. Still, I will see what I can come up with. Constructive criticism always welcome.

Thanks for the interest people. I'm honoured.[Edited on 11/1/2002 by Allyssa]
Hooray! On my way to read it now! (And get on with that Orc Love story! I need to read that) Oh, yeah, PLEASE Big Smile Smilie
An ork love story? What will they think of next? Anyway, don't try to use Tolkien's characters. Instead, try to create your own variations of them in the same general place and time. Make it your own, and have fun with it.