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Original post Feb 1, 2003:

Hullo, I was wondering, when the ring got thrown into the pit-well, when it fell in- did Sauron and all his slaves, and orcs, and nazgul(sp) and all the bad guys, did they die instantly, or did they just slowly fade away?

I'm not even sure if Tolkien ever mentionned that, but then again - it would be nice to see what everyone thinks about it

Then Peredhil replied:

Sauron wouldn't have died, but he would have disappeared somewhere for at least a thousand years. rrThe Nazgul probably would have died instantly, because their sole purpose in life was to obtain the ring.rr As for the rest of Sauron's servants, they would have fled to some nasty place and most would have been killed eventually.rrThat's my guess. Tongue Smilie
That's a good thought,

though now i have another question,lol,

Did Melkor die long before the ring was made, or was he just a living spirit arrownd that time? and if he was alive, would he want the ring, because he used to be more powerful than Sauron, or would he be against Sauron and the ring? and so forth

strange-curiouse me :d

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I think when the ring was destroyed, Irena, that Sauron died because he had put himself into the ring, and the wraths might have come back to the good side. I think the orcs would help the good people when Sauron died, because I think Sauron made them help him.
Sauron was destroyed for good, and the Ringwraiths lost their power, too. Any creature whose being was tied up with the Ring failed when it was destroyed. As for the orcs, I think most of them were killed off in battle, or else they fled.
Hullo again,

those are magnificant answers ,,,

I'm wondering if anyone knows the answer to the questions about Melkor?(Morgoth)
I know Mellie has been searching around for the answers, , ,

BuhBye for now Big Smile Smilie

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Morgoth was thrown into the Void after the War of Wrath, he didn't disappear suddenly. Sauron just became a powerless spirit after his Ring was destroyed, as he put most of his power in the Ring.
OK, I thought that sauron Just faded away, because since he survived only because his powers and life were bound to the ring, theorically, if the Ring dies, sauron dies too right?
From the Silmarillion
Then Sauron failed, and he was utterly vanquished and passed away like a shadow of malice; and the towers of Barad-dur crumbled into ruin, and at the rumour of their fall many lands trembled.
Sauron had bound a lot of his own spirit in the Ring. When "slain" by Isildur, it was only the power of the Ring, anchoring his spirit to Middle Earth that enabled him to return. With its destruction, Sauron's anchor to life was gone. Whether he died utterly, or whether his spirit lived on to take form in a later age I am not certain, but what I am sure about is that he would never again be as powerful.

The nazgul were created by the power of their own Rings, but since the One Ring bound all of the other rings, the loss of the One Ring caused all of the other rings to fail. Galadriel said that the destruction of the One Ring would cause everything that had been achieved by the three elven rings to fail. If this is so, we can expect things created by the Nine rings to fail also. The Nazgul would die.

Virumor has answered the Morgoth question correctly. At the end of the First Age, the other Valar chained Morgoth with a chain created by Aule and a collar forged from Morgoth's own helm, and then flung him into the Void. No doubt they keep an eye on him in there to ensure he does not escape.
I think that Gandalf said somewhere that once the Ring was destroyed Sauron would be to weakened to ever be a problem again.

But if he got out, wouldn't that be a hell of a sequel?

"Morgoth Returns!"
But if he got out, wouldn't that be a hell of a sequel?
Oh, Melkor will get out all right at the end of days. That would be Tolkien's version of Ragnarok, the last battle between good and evil. Who knows, maybe our old friend Sauron would show up at that time also.
Were the orcs eventually all killed off? I know King Elessar and Eomer hunted many of them. And is Tolkien's Ragnarok mentioned anywhere specifically, I would like to know more about it.