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Thread: Come to Squirrelworld, you know you want to!

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Okay, if you're wondering how you can read those fantastic Tolkien spoofs that used to be up here, but are now deemed too "blue" for this site, then you can find them in the rantings section at Squirrelworld. The one spoof with my name to it here, was in fact written by TomBombadillo, with the odd one-liner and editing done by me.
If however, you are going to look for my spoofs expecting something incredibly rude and coarse, prepare to be as disappointed as my 10-year old Step-daughter was when she only found a couple of rude words in them. Ho ho ho....
Lol,very interesting website,Plastic. Good job. Smile Smilie :thumbsup:
Forgot to come here and blatantly plug my latest bit of writing. The Medicine Man, a (hopefully) monthly series of tales for the not-so-squeamish. Pretty horrid stuff, usual disclaimers apply, but if you're expecting some cheap swearing and violence, you'll be thoroughly disappointed. Head over to for more info....
Plastic, that is one weird guest list. Those questions were at least as random as what I would have come up with. I loved the site. I was disappointed when I went to the "about me" section. Your not really a decorative image of a small tree-dwelling rodent! You crushed my entire outlook on life!( I enjoyed the review on The Hobbit animated movie, I tip my headband to you!)
it wont let me go there! is there a reason for this? in IE it says can not be displayed and in Firefox it comes all white! what can i do? thats the one that wont work incase there was more than one....
The website's taken to another server with another adress now...

That's why you cannot open the page Smile Smilie
I found that a Plastic Squirrel holding page was up today with some of his music.
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