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Thread: Short Stories Are Also Hard to Write

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Um...excuse me, i am really confused. care to explain?
I do believe the Grondmaster is challenging us, Delidia. Cool Smilie

Let me see, the shortest Fantasy story ever:

Evil was forever diminished, but the world was not quite as before.


The Gods infused the barren wastes with an ocean of tears, restoring the dispossessed.

This is a lot of fun, and a very good exercise for the imagination, but I am as yet unable to top Grondy's SF short stories. Big Smile Smilie

Wasn't the world's shortest correspondence between an postAuthorID (sorry but I cannot remember which one) and his editor.

The editor sent an enquirry as to how the novel was progressing. His letter consisted of the following,

Letter from editor
The postAuthorID replied to this with the following answer,

Letter from the postAuthorID.
I believe the postAuthorID Valedhelgwath is referring to was Victor Hugo, whose most famous works include The Hunchback of Notre Dame and Les Misrables.